IGN: Call of Duty Black Ops - Loadout of the Pros

These guys are arguably the Top 5 players in the world and they use a very specific loadout to win matches on a global scale. So put your AK74u down for a moment and learn about the Black Ops loadout that could potentially propel you to stardom.

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Dart892984d ago

Noobs anyone can use the famas.I wanna see someone use the m14.

Motorola2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I wanna see someone use an ASP and go flawless while getting 8 9 11 killstreaks in a merc tdm or ffa. without picking a primary up. Run out of bullets? knife

evrfighter2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

pro's and pub all stars are two completely different kinds of players.

you guys are discussing pub all stars. which pretty much anyone can be. pro's can do ok in pubs and their scores wouldn't be nothin to brag about. probably in the top 3 most of the time.

but stick them in a match with their team mates and that same guy will completely demolish a team of pub all stars that go 29-5 or less in pubs.

The title Pro isn't earned in pubs. Once you're sponsored competing in tournaments nationwide/globally making money. You're a pub star till then.

ScentlessApprentice72984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

but F the FAMAS. The M16F4 still kicks it's a$$!

f7897902984d ago

It's easy because is just spray bullets like mad.

Didn't aim right at first? That's okay, just aim slightly at him and he'll fall dead instantly.

guigsy2984d ago

The FAMAS was my favorite weapon in MW2. You could pull off some crazy kills at distance. If anything, it is way easier to use in BO cause you don't even have to aim at close range. That's why everyone uses it.

princejb1342984d ago

i prefer the commando
i find it to be the perfect gun in BO

femshep2984d ago

loadout of 60 bucks for something that is actually good and longer than 2 hours

Kon2984d ago

I didn't knew that you could only play the Multiplayer for 2 hours, that's new info!

femshep2984d ago

well the story is 2 hours and the multiplayer is the samething over and over and over again so its nothing special....not to mention the never get the funds or time to work on making it good and not buggy

f7897902984d ago

You finished the story in 2 hours..... -_- That's just a horrible lie right there. Did you play on easy???

guigsy2984d ago

"multiplayer is the samething over and over and over again"

Let me guess, you only played Team Deathmatch. There's at least 10 different modes, and that's not even taking into account Wager Matches, which are probably the best feature in the game.

xstation792984d ago

The story is atleast 5 hours long. Maybe you should play the game before posting a comment that makes you look stupid

Lord_Doggington2984d ago

i use the galil and my kdr is 2 and rising.

i may not be a pro, but i'm happy w/ being in the top 3 every match

besides, are they talking hardcore or are they talking groundwar cause it makes a difference...

SwiftShot2984d ago

That was useless, I was hoping actual useful tips.

maxmill2984d ago

pro's in a game made for noobs


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