PS Blog - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: When Worlds Collide

Sid Shuman // Senior Social Media Specialist: Director Jean-Francois Dugas and Producer David Anfossi are unabashed fans of Deus Ex, the cyberpunk RPG-shooter hybrid that graced the PS2 in 2002 and won more than its fair share of Game of the Year awards. But when the pair signed on with Eidos Montreal to produce a new entry in the critically acclaimed series, they opted to introduce a new story set five years before the first game. “When you look at the endings of the other Deus Ex games, the future is looking pretty grim,” Director Dugas notes with a chuckle.

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showtimefolks2980d ago

who like rpg games can't wait for this and mass effect 3 along with skyrim

RememberThe3572980d ago

I can't wait for it. I love the style they've presented it with so far. I just want to be there.