Weekly Sales Analysis, 19 March 2011 - Homefront Debuts

"Overview - Hardware sales are down for home consoles (-6% to -8%) and down considerably for handhelds (-22% to 035%) and software sales are down for every platform (-4% to -39%), except for the Xbox 360 (6%). All three home consoles and the DS are between 150,000 and 200,000, while the PSP and 3DS (only released in Japan) are between 50,000 and 100,000. The only hardware milestone this week is for the Wii which passes the 86 million mark. When it comes to software milestones, ordered in their position this week: Pokémon Black / White Version (DS) sales rocket past the 9 million mark; Wii Sports crosses 76 million; Killzone 3 (PS3) passes 1 million; and Halo: Reach (X360) reaches the 8 million mark. Three games sold over 200,000, nine sold over 100,000 and the top 18 sold over 50,000."

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BK-2012978d ago

Even though this is VG I wonder where all the idiots who think the 360 has been outselling the competition worldwide are.

Killzone 3 definitely gave the PS3 a hardware boost from the look of things. Sucks that Sony and Ninty are down from last year though.

earbus2978d ago

I would have thought killzone would have sold more thats rather bad .

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meday3542978d ago

kz3 is ok, shooters dont do well on ps3. 1 mill aint bad, think it will sell bout 3mill.

earbus2978d ago

Isnt cod the biggest game on ps3? there goes that theory.

btk2978d ago

Nearly every VGC report makes it look asif XB360 is beating competition - and then the real numbers hit...

Last year was especially funny. XB360 was "outselling" PS3 months on end and ended with lower numbers when real numbers came in. VGC standard reporting.

hudsoniscool2978d ago

vgchartz report emeaa, japan, and americas every week. 360 wins in america every week but not anywhere else besides uk.

and q4 2010 360 outsold ps3 by a hair world wide, not the other way around.

Death2977d ago

VGCharts doesn't have the resources to report any of these regions including NA. They are complete guesstimates and hold absolutely no credibility.


hudsoniscool2977d ago

death you are ignorant. they do polls and call retailers.

No Way2978d ago

I don't understand .. what are the 'real numbers?'
Cause I only really see VGC and NPD numbers here..
Yet, everyone always complains that NPD is bullshit.
So, NPD and VGC are 'fake?' Or, just when the x360 leads?

DaTruth2977d ago

I've never heard anyone say NPD is fake, they just say that they are not worldwide numbers and that nobody should be claiming victory over them!

If you win once in a triathlon, you lost!

Death2977d ago

NPD is a company that provides retail sales data to other companies to track sales trends. It's a paid service and is fairly accurate and consistant with official figures provided by manufacturers. NPD provides data on thousands of products and is not exclusive to gaming.

VGChartz started in 2005 as a fan based sales tracking site by compiling numbers released by NPD and other professional retail tracking services along with officially announced numbers by the manufacturers. After about a year, the founder of VGC, Brett Walton decided he was capable of tracking and predicting sales trends all by himself. If the wiki is accurate, there are now 10 people that "work" for VGChartz collecting and analyzing sales data to come up with the numbers they publish. They haven't disclosed how they do it, but their sample rate is insignificant enough that they cannot accurately track anything. It is pure guess work that rarely comes close to professional results or manufacturers results.


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