Amazon partially reveals the March 29th and April 5th Playstation Store updates

Amazon has partially revealed a list of contents that will be released on the March 29th and April 5th North American Playstation Store updates.

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Dart892982d ago

Wow two kz3 maps for $5 im in.

thrasherv32982d ago

But you have to buy the 4 maps for $15 for Blops!

Balt 2982d ago

I haven't played it online but for like an hour. I wanted to actually get into the online with this one because the game is such an amazing ride in the SP mode. I'll get to it.

2982d ago
coryok2982d ago

i wish the killzone 3 maps had operations in them also, i love operation in mulitplayer... :)

Larry L2982d ago

WTF MAN?!?! When is the North American PSN store going to release Final Fantasy 1 20th anniversary edition for PSP. I've wanted this FOREVER for my PSP Go. It's the only PSP game I had on UMD for my old PSP that hasn't been released digitally that I actually want to buy again for my Go. It been released in the EU stores, why not America?

I'll be getting the Killzone 3 maps and deciding whether I'm going to get Dragon's Lair for my PSP or the PS3 version. I'm glad I held off on buying the PS3 version though, because now I have a choice. Do I want the trophies, or do I want to be able to play on the toilet? Hmmmmmm........tough one.

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The story is too old to be commented.