Folklore: UnderGround Online (UGO) Review

UGO reviewer Adam Rosenberg writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment's Folklore may not be the killer app that PlayStation 3 owners have been waiting for, but it's an entertaining waste of time nonetheless..."

UGO Rating:
* Gameplay: B+
* Presentation: A-
* Fun Factor: B-
* Value: B
* Overall: B+

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

They run right into the holiday season with exclusives like Folklore, Ratchet & Clank Future, and soon after Haze and Uncharted. I think these will all be great games.

And those are just the biggest exclusive new releases of course, the holiday brings a crap load of great multi platform games.

And then there's blu ray also. I feel like the PS3 is launching again or something. Weird.

TheExecutive4493d ago

I agree, with PES, COD4, Assassins Creed, Ratchet, Uncharted, Folklore, Resistance, Motorstorm, Warhawk, and HS people will pry not be too worried about bc. Next year there is KZ2, LBP, HOME, MGS, GT, and FF among a ton others. BC is nice within the first year of a console, but after that its really not used too much.

The only time I use BC now is if a title like MGS is coming out and I want to refresh my memory on the series, but I have 2 ps2's if I didnt have BC so it wouldnt be a problem.

TheExecutive4493d ago

i played the demo a ton and i usually am not into these types of games but the sixaxis and the options of attacking make this fun fun fun. I am picking this one up and I would suggest at least downloading this demo if you arent into this type of game because you may surprise yourself.

This is the exact reason why demos are cool, I wouldnt have thought twice about this game if it werent for the demo. However, playing the demo makes me want this game. Now i know why we never saw a Lair demo lol.

nasim4493d ago

thats a great score for this amazing game.

UK/EU would be sooooo lucky as well as consumers of NA

achira4493d ago

nice rating for a very nice game, cant wait to buy it!

AnalFace4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

And a great AAA game for the PS3.

Edit: AAA to me means i'm going to be playing that game for years to come much like TDU and Bioshock.

btkadams4493d ago

why do people insist on throwing the term "AAA" around. i find people are misusing the term and dont even know what it actually means.

TheExecutive4493d ago

"AAA" is a vague that lacks definition. The only way one could really categorize what a AAA title is, is going by sales totals + a possible spike in hardware sales during its release. (however, it must be noted that a sales spike doesnt mean a title is a "AAA" or that a sales spike must accompany a titles release. Because coupling a titles release with sales spikes is correlational only one must be careful making that a requirement). So, a "AAA" in my book is a game that sells a lot of games and possibly coupled by a hardware sales spike. MGS, FF, GT, Halo, Mario- these games would definitely be "AAA" titles. However, these are long running series that have established fanbases so it isnt quite fair to judge it on the same level as a new franchise. Or is it? I dont know.

Now back to the real world: "AAA" is often defined by many games as "must have games". The problem with this, if there is one, is that its a personal opinion and therefore impossible quantify. However, a lack of any standard definition makes it impossible to say what is or what isnt a "AAA" game.

Hope that helps, maybe we could start a standardized way of telling whether or not something is a "AAA" or not? Its all gotta start somewhere.


AAA isn't a well defined term.

If you go in a wood shop and ask for a piece of AAA flamed maple, they will bring you the best piece they have. But if you go to other shop and ask the exact same thing, they will ring you a different piece, that could be better or worse.

If you go to see and bet in a horse race, you get some clues on AAA horses, but a clue from some people can be totally different from clues from some others...

AAA is as much subjective as any other rating on any review you get around.

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The story is too old to be commented.