Crysis - Visuals and Vista Compatibility Video Interview

Learn about the visual storytelling in the game, and how the team worked with Microsoft to fully take advantage of what Vista offers.

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SonySoldiers4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

No MICROBOT games please.

GO SONY GO PLAYSTATION 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mighty_douche4486d ago

did you listen to the man in the little window talking?

he said theres no way of crysis running on either console. they couldnt handle the data.

crysis recommended spec for ram. 1.5gb which really means if you want it sweet 2gig minimum, what do you think 512mb of console power would be like?

JosefTor4486d ago

Wow... that game really does have awesome graphics. I wish so much I could play it but... my PC sucks. I stopped wasting tons of money to upgrade my PC and put it towards consoles. I think they would sell a lot more if they somehow find a way to bring the game to consoles. The game is beautiful but I'm pretty sure the 360 and PS3 can handle it if they really wanted to.

And oh yeah... either that shutgun really sucks or that shutgunner can't shoot.

xav09714486d ago

Holy crap! Graphics like this are unheard of. Hands down the best graphics I've ever seen in a game and I've been playing games since 1990 on PC and consoles. If the gameplay is as good as the graphics then best FPS ever!!!!

4486d ago

crysis is so great, just looks like squat compared to killzone 2 and other games on ps3 that look like cg, and were mistaken as cg, til i see a game on pc that is mistaken for cg as many ps3 games have been, i take this guy from cryteks works as cow maneur

ShiftyLookingCow4486d ago

yay retard is back to attack Crysis, now gtfo fonyboy

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