'Machinarium' developer announces Samarost 3, new adventure IP, more

Czech developer Amanita Design has announced three new projects at GameCityNights in Nottingham.

Designer Jakub Dvorský has revealed one of the titles is an new game in the award-winning Samarost series.

Samarost 3 will be much larger than previous entries, with a size and scope similar to their last release Machinarium.

"It will be much bigger in terms of resolution, much more polished, and most importantly the gameplay will be much more sophisticated," Dvorský said.

"However, we want to make it different from Machinarium, that it will be much more accessible for anybody, even for non-gamers. It will be easier to play, but our goal is to make it more like an interactive toy than a proper game, which you want to defeat or solve all the puzzles as soon as possible.

"So it'll be more playful, and we want to achieve true replayability, even though [it's] an adventure game. So after you finish the game you'll be able to travel across the planet to Samarost universe, and e...

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Dark_Overlord2977d ago

Samorost 1 & 2, although insanely short were quite good puzzle games. They can both be downloaded for free with a quick google (legally), I urge anyone who likes puzzle games to try them :)

Megaton2977d ago

Very cool. Always want more from Amanita Design.