IGN: Meet the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park

Meet the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park: The Game in this new trailer.

Wizziokid4575d ago

holy shit, around the 1:05 mark, they get dino-owned :D

this game looks good, I would of preferred to see a mature JP game with nice visuals, but I trust telltale will deliver a excellent experience.

any news on if this is coming to console PSN/XBLA?

SnakeMustDie4575d ago

Am I the only one who wishes a next-gen Warpath?

4575d ago
MrKingofVideoGames4575d ago

I wonder if you can beat up a raptor with "tweener" gymnastic skills like the movie?

Quagmire4575d ago

I want a new Turok game, or Dino Crisis, or Monster Hunter PS3

I want to kill bug things!

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superchiller1932d ago

Next time please put "UK" or "EU" in the title of your posting, it only takes a second and helps for people not in your region.


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PurpHerbison1944d ago

No Jurassic Park on the Sega Genesis? Really? :[

PurpHerbison1944d ago

Nothing better than the T-Rex saying SEGA in the beginning to get you hyped as a kid.

SonyStyled1944d ago

Remeber the one on the snes? The only Jurassic Park game I played

PurpHerbison1944d ago

It was a good game but it didn't carry nearly as much suspense as the SEGA version. Could just be a case of the SEGA version being my first though.

CrimsonWing691944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Dude Jurassic Park 1 on the Genesis or even the SNES isn't on here!? This list is mostly garbage JP games... like the TTG one, really?


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