CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets...

CNET regular checkup on which gadgets you lust after.

"Playstation 3 is 56 weeks on the chart!"

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wangdiddy824488d ago

how do these products get in the top 5.. To people vote or doen cnet decide the products?

Barreldragon004488d ago

People on the site have their own accounts and on there they list ethier their top 5 or there most wanted not shure witch one. but that how they get their top 5.

stunt2134488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

sweet i have no. 5 and 4, but everyone does want ps3 and they can finally buy one because the 40gb is only 400$

GodofPeace4488d ago

but wait the system hasn't been out for 56 weeks yet.

REbirth4488d ago

probably it was on the list before the launch...and everyone wanted it...

HarryEtTubMan4488d ago

Playstation 3 is a monster... alot of people are waiting for this baby including myself.It's really about to come alive!

user96916534488d ago

I want one but I can't afford it

eXplotion4488d ago

CAUGHT! Finally TheMart confessed he wants a ps3 after bashing it so f*cking much! Its ok TheMart, PLAY B3YOND!

masterg4488d ago

Finally TheMart tells the truth.
We have known it all along, but it's nice to hear it from the source.

razer4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

I will sell you mine.. It's hardly used..


@5.2 - Yes, he tells the truth that owning both the 360 and PS3 is a great combination and completely takes a sh!t on anyone who just owns one console or the other.. Do you own both or are you about to wear a brown hat?

tethered4488d ago

Who are you and what did you do with TheMart?

PStriple7034488d ago

oh snap i kno it, you can come play mine

unsunghero284488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Hate to burst your bubble, but check that account's bio and you'll see that's not the real TheMart. Trust me, he did not swing the PS3 way.

Instead, some PS3 fanboy just did this. And you know what? I think such a pathetic act could probably be seen as a victory for the xbots...

So did you make the account? Trust me, I'm not an xbot (I'm hoping to get a 40GB PS3 this year) but taking someone's account and twisting it around isn't cool, even if it's TheMart we're talking about here. Fanboys have first amendment rights, too.

eXplotion4488d ago

bah youre right its not him.. still I know the real TheMart wants a ps3...

RonDeMuerte4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

"I think such a pathetic act could probably be seen as a victory for the xbots..."

haha what's pathetic is that you're trying to pass that off as a victory for X-bots....haha even more pathetic is that you're getting so dramatic and bent all out of shape because of it....if it was a PS3 fanboy then it's just funny....leave it at that....don't be such a girl about's not hurting anyone....oh wait...I'm sorry, did it scare you and other X-bots.....

first amendment rights....really......why do you have to exaggerate the situation?......dude this is the internet.....calm down........sorry if I called you an're probably better than that....enjoy your 40 GB PS3 when you get it...

EZCheez4488d ago

Talk about getting someone's attention. I almost spit out what I was drinking when I got to this comment.

On another note, this account needs to go. It's just not cool pretending to be someone else. Besides, this website wouldn't be half as much fun if TheMart ever caved in and got a PS3.

gerrard4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Because if you was you'd be on my ingnore list, however the real Mart wants a PS3.
(nice try though, had me fooled for a minute whoever you are)

MikeGdaGod4488d ago

you almost got me

i hit that bio button so fast, i couldn't believe my eyes

achira4487d ago

if you cant afford a 399euro ps3, than you are a poor soul. go look for a job, and dont spend all your time to bash sony and the ps3. go look for a job, then you can afford a nice ps3.

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The story is too old to be commented.