Pokémon Black and White Hit 2 Millions Sales in 2 Weeks

Nintendo America just tweeted that Pokémon Black and White versions have hit the 2 million sales mark in just 2 weeks. This is an amazing feet for any game, let alone a game released on a handheld device. The huge sales usually go to consoles. Kudos Nintendo/ Pokémon! Now, let’s see if we can make it 3 million sales in 3 weeks.

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Dart892984d ago

Holy motherbjeezes O_O I wouldn't be surprised if this outsold blk ops in it's 1st month.

Porkins4Life2984d ago

That's alot of pokemon to catch

Dart892984d ago

Trust me it is i'm barely at the 3rd gym.

Injust072983d ago

I'm just barely farther than you. Does anyone even catch them all anymore?

eagle212984d ago

Whoa...America alone. Hasn't it already done around 5 million in japan? Crazy..