Crysis 2: Still A Proper PC Game (Hooked Gamers)

In 2007 Crytek, a German developer whose initial outing Far Cry shook up the development community years previous, released Crysis. It was a beautiful and smartly done shooter that, to this day, is still one of the largest graphical benchmarks in all of gaming. After releasing a standalone expansion, Crytek went quiet and all but disappeared to focus on internal expansion, opening new studios all over Europe. They reappeared at E3 2009 to show off the CryEngine 3, a heavily modified, multiplatform version of the engine that powered Crysis, and its flagship title Crysis 2.

With a dramatic shift toward multiplatform development can Crytek’s latest prove that a PC game doesn’t have to be limited by having console brethren?

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ThatEnglishDude2979d ago

"Crytek’s latest prove that a PC game doesn’t have to be limited by having console brethren?" IS limited.

plb2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Lol gtfo not even any graphics options. Set TV screen? Dx9 wtf not proper at all but not terrible game wise but definitely designed with consoles in mind first.

B1663r2979d ago

PC gaming isn't going to support the main feature of DX11, tesselation, until the console supports it. But the brass tax is this...

3-4 million copies of this game will sell on the xbox.

1-2 million copies of this game will sell on the ps3

<1 million copies will sell on PC with about 5 million people pirating the game and shitting on their own bed.

PC gamers are their own worst enemy in that regard, so you guys get ports now days unless it is a computer game, like WOW, or Diablo 3...

Computer games for computers, video games for consoles.

Sorry it worked out this way guys.

Dude4202979d ago

Yeah yeah yeah, typical troll BS.

Speaking of selling copies, I went to Futureshop on Tuesday and all the Crysis 2 PC was sold out, but the Xbox and PS3 copies were still there. I went to EBgames, Crysis 2 PC sold out, Xbox and PS3 version still there.

I came back today to pick up a copy because they restocked the shelves yesterday at EB Games. Only 2 Crysis PC copies were left, the Xbox and PS3 shelves were nearly full.

I'm not saying it's like that everywhere else, but it would seem there were still a lot of PC Gamers eager to get Crysis 2.

plb2979d ago

Crysis 1 sold over 3 million

fossilfern2979d ago

I am enjoying the game a lot but seriously why not let us have advanced graphic settings ? and why checkpoints ?

Baka-akaB2979d ago

Some slaps are still in order .

I had a big wtf moment when the install decided to autoselect my language (later on fixed via an unwarranted renaming and deletion of files) .

Who the hell are they to decide i'm not playing the game in english ?

And a second big WTF moment when i noticed i couldnt quicksave , let alone save at all .

mastershredder2979d ago

What region are you in? Localization will often lead to auto select and/or limited language options. I was living in Europe when Crysis came out and the only option I had for language was German. Odd because the German demo had an English option.

I'm fine with the check point system in Crysis 2. Normally I'm not, but the check points are not too far spread apart. It still does suck when you are hot-dogging and kicking mucho butt and end up getting killed by something stupid and lose all your progress, but it makes the challenge feel a little more genuine.

The are some video overides available via the console as well as an unofficial Mod that came out yesterday for customizing video settings. You can bet that there will be more of these in the future, if Crytek does not deliver their very own sooner.

Im just kinda scratching my head at the use of some of the low res assets in some areas/objects or the reflections of complete different locations in the rooftop skylight windows. The bloom lighting effects are way over done in many instances. Not quite the same level if attention to detail in C1.

Baka-akaB2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Usually pc games let you at least pick english at install or in the menu ... instead the process here was tacky and insulting .

The only times i usually see that crap are for ps2 , handheld and 360 games , because they lack the space , or because publishers feels everyone want a complete localisation .

That the kind of dumbification process imo that should rile up pc gamers , instead of complaining about stuff like dragon age .

To answer the question , i'm in a french region . The dub is horrible as often , and i feel more at ease playing with english text enabled anyway .

I'm not that mad at the checkpoint system , it's not a first either , but added to the plethora of wierd choices and (default) lack of options , it definitively make you feel in front of a consolized game , in the most annoying aspects .

Again the game is good obviously , but some decisions are silly .