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The 3rd Birthday is a follow-up to the Parasite Eve games of the late 1990s and early 2000s, but the choice not to call it Parasite Eve III is a telling one. This third-person action adventure represents something of a fresh start for the striking heroine Aya Brea. Unfortunately, Aya's characterization here is a troubling one, and while some cool concepts contribute to occasionally exhilarating gameplay, stiff controls and some infuriating battles make this struggle to save humanity as frequently frustrating as it is fun.

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Stealth20k2984d ago

Eh other sites have given this near perfect scores

Pozzle2984d ago

I dunno, the game has been recieving a mix of both positive and negative reviews. It seems like a bit of a hit-or-miss game.

leahcim2984d ago

so much psp hating on Gamespot as always..

I give a shit to these guys reviews, they are the same one that gives a 7.5 to the best Kingdom Hearts (birth by sleep) and a 7.5 to the best action rpg that you can find right now on all the existing consoles YS 7 (such a great game..!!)

Troll-without-Bridge2984d ago

The reviewer was a bit of a moron to be honest, even though the localization is indeed bad, the game still plays great.

Spenok2984d ago

I'm surprised to see this game getting such mixed reviews, I was really looking forward to this game. Oh well, I'll just wait for it to drop a little then pick it up.