Homefront Single-player Review -- Pixelated Sausage

Pixelated Sausage reviews the single-player campaign of Homefront and isn't impressed.

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JoeIsMad2981d ago

Giving this review a 20% must be a joke, right? It's a completed project, meaning it's worth at least 40%. Beta projects could achieve this amount of failure should they have holes in the landscape. Crazy low score for an average, but not nearly as terrible as described title.

matt19912981d ago

the only problem i see with this game is the single player.

Multiplayer on the other hand is excellent easily a 4/5

NukaCola2981d ago


1/5 SP + 4/5 MP = 5/5 Game.

xYLeinen2981d ago

you forgot to divide by 2 so you'll end up with a 2.5/5

NukaCola2981d ago

You know, everyone I talk to says the game is pretty good. I think their is too many COD fanatics in the media to give other shooters a fair shake.

DelbertGrady2981d ago

I agree, the multiplayer by itself is easily 4/5.

matt19912981d ago

The single player was just to short thats all. i would give the single player a 3/5

Philoctetes2981d ago

So I take it this reviewer DIDN'T like the game, eh?

RankFTW2981d ago

It's more a 3/5 than a 1/5, and I rather enjoyed the single player.

stuntman_mike2981d ago

single player is really poor, but i find that down to bad controls and buggy gameplay.

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