PlayStation Visions Opportunities within Cloud Gaming

"Earlier this month, March 10th to be exact, Sony released PS3 firmware 3.60 featuring the highly rumored PlayStation Cloud service allowing PlayStation Plus subscribers to backup their valuable game saves to the cloud. While PS3 users have been enjoying this nice addition to the PlayStation Network service, many were left curious if Sony would make an effort to further enrich the PSN through cloud-based technologies."

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Nick2120042977d ago

I agree with Susan, the only thing holding back cloud-based gaming are the bandwidth challenges.

Trackboss2977d ago

Cloud gaming is awesome and flexible. It's definitely the future.

killajd2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Indeed internet speed is holding alot of things back.

killajd2977d ago

Cloud based gaming for ps3 has yet to take off. There are alot of things that can be implemented. Like live patching, live chatting to anyone playing anything. Video chatting is something else that can be brought to the table. It all depends on ur internet. Internet speeds here in america are scattered. One area of the city can see blazing speeds and right down the block ur chugging along at 2mbs or less.

Dart892977d ago

I agree the ps3 has come far since it launched 4 years ago i remember majority of the people hating on it cuz it didn't have any games and now here we are 2011 and this year sony is really giving the fans what their ps3 is for playing quality games.

Can't wait to see what sony has in store for us at E3 and the rest of 2011.

Jestrella242977d ago

i agree once service providers stop bullshitting, things could get exicitng with cloud gaming. Onlive works pretty good right now but there selection is pretty average. Hopefully one of the big three will have something like that ready by next gen.

killajd2977d ago

I see major announcements coming at E3 that will just move ps3 gaming as a whole to the top!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.