Upgrading to 3DS? Don't get rid of your DS just yet...

From Destructoid: "Nintendo's 3DS, which hits shelves on March 27, is a pretty stellar handheld device. From its physical design to the build-in software, from its spectacular in-game visuals to the glasses-free 3D, I feel confident in saying that the 3DS is easily Nintendo's best handheld to date.

It almost every way it exceeds the capabilities of the original Nintendo DS and the DSi. The keyword here is "almost," because there's one area where the 3DS can't quite compare to the DS: playing DS games."

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Dart892983d ago

Yes i plan to upgrade to a 3ds.And no i don't wanna get rid of my ds hell i still have my GBC,GBA,GBA SP,GBP,GBM,and dinosaur gamboy.

Optical_Matrix2983d ago

My copy of White version doesn't even work on my 3DS because its imported from Japan. Fail. Tried out my other DS games earlier and its true. Colour saturation and the crispness of the overall on screen imagery is not on par with older DS models AT ALL. Not sure what happened there :/ I would have thought it would upscale the colour saturation at least.

InLaLaLand2983d ago

I thought 3DS was region protected. I still have my GBA SP and original DS. I probably get the 3DS next year when they release a new model. I will do the same with the NGP.

Baka-akaB2983d ago

not locked for DS games

josephayal2983d ago

i personally cant wait for it to be hacked in fact i wont buy one, It would be good for the 3DS

Giant_Chibi2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Which is what Destructoid did in the article.

The author's main gripe is color saturation.

Th3o2983d ago

seems to be a trend with DS, the colors become less saturated.

DS lite hate the best colors, the DSi was kinda dull, and the XL wasn't as dull but it was all pixelated.

Anyways it doesn't bother me, nor do I think that the article should be dont get rid of your DS because of colors. I think thats taking it a step too far.

Frankly your getting the 3DS for next gen, anything backwards compatible is a bonus.

Might be that I'm not a fan of oversaturation.

K my 2 cents

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