HonestGamers Review // Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is a side-scrolling throwback that classic gamers should definitely enjoy. From its distinctly Disgaea-flavored personality to its endless inside jokes, the game is a fun ride from start to finish...that is, if you can keep up the pace. The added "Baby Mode" will be a boon for players who couldn't hack it in the first game, without ever dumbing the game down enough to make it a pushover. As for the overall game, it features the perfect amount of charm and personality to win you over. And if its first overture doesn't work? It's got 999 other ways to make you smile...

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TheDeadMetalhead4204d ago

I would get this if I had a PSP. It reminds me of Ghosts n Goblins, for some reason.

But...Come on. Panties? Really?

danielle0074204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

:[ I sold my PSP. But, the NGP will be able to play all the games from the network, rightttt?? & Prinny 1 was on the network, so this must be on there.

So, I'll have patience.. and wait. & this might very well be the first game I get for my NGP.. I love the prinnies <3