Japan Misses Deliveries as Xbox Shop Struggles: Freight Markets

Microsoft Corp.’s repair operations for Xbox units ground to a halt in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture when the earthquake knocked out power. Then the lights came on to reveal another hurdle: Shipments of the game consoles had been impaired after the disaster two weeks ago.

Microsoft is among hundreds of companies affected by the loss of normal pickups and deliveries. United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. couldn’t reach the facility in northeast Japan for several days, said a person familiar with the matter who isn’t authorized to comment publicly.

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SuperSaiyan42977d ago

It's trash to them? Then why does the Xbox 360 sell in Japan? I mean the last time I checked the PS3 was STILL in last place just saying *munches popcorn'

I cannot believe the amount of Sony fanboys on this site lately its like they are in danger of dieing out and are all getting together for one final PS3 rules nonsense.

I own both machines and yeah thats all Im gonna say.

Oh and once Tessellation hits the 360 PS3 fans are gonna be crying their eyes out...

BubbleSniper2977d ago

Tessellation not possible on the 360.

you just openin your ass and crappin out nonsense.

you probably talkin bout DX11 Tessellation an believe me XBOX 360 would RROD 1000 times tryin to use this feature. ROFL!

SuperSaiyan42977d ago

Err if I'm not mistaken there have been several articles on this very site that talk about how the Xbox 360 GPU CAN do tessellation so please do your research before spewing out nonsense.

Nothing like someone made to look the fool seriously *rolls eyes*.

BK-2012977d ago

Tessellation could just as easily be accomplished with the cell processor with the right programming.

SuperSaiyan42977d ago

With the right programming? I dont think developers want to spend further time writing more code to try and get tessellation to work on the PS3 when the 360 GPU can do it straight out of the box.

FGHFGHFGH2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

tessellation costs gpu power. it's not free performance. frame rate takes a hit

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Trevonn2977d ago

last place worldwide 2nd in japan move along troll get your facts right

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ButterBomb2977d ago

Super: Don't feed the trolls. Just let them do their daily childish song and dance they still like to do 5 years into a fictitious console war. Japan may not be a hot market for Xbox but to say it's "trash" to them is well like I said trolling.

Fukushima is devastated I would think people would think about the lives effected instead of running right into the same tired fanboy arguments.

Silly gameAr2977d ago

So Tessellation is the new hotness amongst 360 fanboys huh? It really doesn't take much to pump xbox fans up.

TheComedian2977d ago

Ohhhh really? The xbox sells in Japan? Since when? This very week it was surpassed in sales by PS2 (YES PS2 I keed you not).
The ONLY places that xbox actually has a lead is USA and UK...that's it. Also Tessellation on the 360? Huh funny if it was possible it would have been done by now. Yet you get articles about a possible xbox720 (or something) not about Tessellation on the 360. Get this fact through your head the 360 is nearly over. Nothing new and innovative will come out for the hardcore audience Kinect made sure of that. NO Tessellation NO nothing. Soon you will have a brand new xbox720 so rejoice. Ohh btw the fact that you own both consoles (hard to believe but anyway) doesn't make you less of a fanboy or at the very least biased towards one of them. Have a nice day :)

MetalFreakMike2976d ago

Even if the 360 gets Tessellation, it's not going to be used a lot. The GPU is not even that good compared to a DirectX 11 GPU. It would be a very small amount used and it will most likely not even be noticed. I can see next gen consoles using it but the 360 will not get much use out of it. You fanboy's are so delusional sometimes.

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SwampCroc2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

something is going on.... GameStop sent me an email.... they're doing an extra 40% trade-in on Xbox 360 games from 3/24 - 3/30

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