GamesEyeView: NASCAR The Game 2011 Developer Interview

GEV Says: Here at GamesEyeView, we’ve been keeping a close on the upcoming release of NASCAR The Game 2011. The gaming landscape has been without a proper NASCAR game since EA’s NASCAR ’09. Electronic Arts has since dropped the NASCAR license, and Activision has picked it up, handing development duties over to the capable hands at Eutechnyx. And recently we were lucky enough to sit down with the game’s Lead Designer Gareth Wright to get some questions about the game answered:

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showtimefolks2977d ago

i have been waiting for a good nascar game for a while. EA in the end just stopped trying so its good to see new devs trying to me the product better

i am hoping for a great game and these devs who are working on this now have a big racing background so they understand

earbus2977d ago

Nascar is crap sorry but driving in circles is lame europes touring car even australias is leaps ahead.

earbus2976d ago

I didnt bother reading it saw a pic of a nascar and vented my disgust.