Jack Thompson wins:School shooter game is cancelled

More then a week ago, Jack Thompson send an angry mail to Valve about the 'murder simulator' mod: School Shooter North American tour 2012/ This mod was based on the school shootings of Columbine and Virginia Tech. Thompson said this mod had to be removed immediately and apparently they listened to him this time.

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LOGICWINS2981d ago

I'm a believer in freedom of speech and expression, but I agree with Jake Thompson on this one. That game is disgusting IMO. Anyone who wants to play it should have to work REALLY hard to get a hold of it.

Yi-Long2981d ago

...ofcourse the game sounds sick, and personally I'm not interested in playing it...

... but where would you draw the line? Cause running over elderly people in GTA4 also sounds sick. And slicing someone's balls also sounds sick.

So I'm against all censorship. Which doesn't mean I agree with everything that gets released, but I won't be demanding a ban on it either!

Kingsora2981d ago

You draw the line untill something that gets really personal for people. Running over people in GTA4 is not personal imo. Yes it happens, but it doesn't points at a certain persons or certain persons

Yi-Long2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

... but if someone's kid was crushed while walking on the sidewalk by a hit-and-run... that would be personal to them, wouldn't it!?

I know I'm playing devil's advocate here, but like I said, I don't agree with censorship, and as far as I'm concerned, that means you take the bad/tasteless along with the good.

Oh, and @Logicwins, I wouldn't want a ban on a violent blowjob game either. Not that I'd buy it, or see it becoming a huge success...

Spitfire_Riggz2981d ago

I agree with Kingsora

Once you start re-enacting things that were really fucked up its bad... but then again.. military shooters? WW2 games... hmmmmmm I'm stuck again

malamdra2981d ago

that's much more useful than doing something about the actual school shootings, you know, like gun control

I_find_it_funny2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I really hate when some people who never play games tell me what games I shouldn't play.

What is his business here? don't like it - don't play it, simple as that

whining and complaining conservative people should be ignored. period

if you wanna raise your kids without violence, thats ok, but leave my dose of virtual violence alone, goddammit

evrfighter2981d ago

ive got no problem with the mod. What people want to play in a game is their own business.

But I think it should be available via torrent/remote ftp server on the web. Should be advertised through forum boards and word of mouth.

inveni02980d ago

The game hasn't been censored. I'm sure it's still out there floating around. The decision of a site to distribute the game is the site's freedom. Just as Walmart has the freedom to reject AO games.

Some things are in bad taste. Running over old people in GTA4 isn't something that would be cool in real life, but it's also not the focus of GTA4 (which is already controversial). A game where the focus is rape or the slaughter of children? That's a little much for mass distribution. I'm not saying people should be allowed to create that kind of content. I'm just saying that people should be allowed to refuse to distribute it.

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LOGICWINS2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

@Yi-Long- You draw the line when it borders on obscenity. Yi-Long, what if I made a video game whose main emphasis is giving your mother a violent blowjob to be replicated in the most realistic fashion in a videogame. Your telling me you wouldn't demand a ban on that?!

Please consider what your saying. I don't like censorship either, but there SHOULD be limits on special cases like this one.

Neckbear2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

"Yi-Long, what if I made a video game whose main emphasis is giving your mother a violent blowjob"

That already exists, it's called "Super Deepthroat".

Just sayin'

On-Topic with the article: 'Tis just a game; I honestly don't see the problem myself. Folks 're just too sensible nowadays.

Baka-akaB2981d ago

nope sorry there shouldnt be .

There are plenty things i find to be bad tastes , but bad taste is a right .

The only limit should be when it leads to harmful behavior , and i have trouble believing any game ever could on its own .

Queefy_B2981d ago

the game would have been really good and fun.

ATiElite2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Sounds like a stupid game but at the same point I"M AGAINST CENSORSHIP! Don't like it then don't buy it and don't waste time talking about it.

If they can ban this game then guess what? it makes easier for them to ban the next game. They will ban all games until all we have is tic tac toe.

Jack Thompson this sucker got disbarred so muck him. He's been attacking freedom of speech every since he got disbarred...Dam Nazi!!

solidsnake2222981d ago

Bubbles, these kinds of mods are only giving people like Jack Thompson more reasons to blame video games for every problem ever faced in life. I bet Palin thinks that sooo much of Japan's video game development fund could have been used for scientific breakthroughs in early earthquake detections or something.

Not trying to be an ass, just saying, there is a line and some people just cross it too casually.

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theonlylolking2981d ago

That was a sick mod but why do dumb people like Jack Thompson usually get their way?

Parapraxis2981d ago

There should have been more people against this game.
Sadly, Thompson is one of the few who actually have the position to stop it.

He's still an asshole, but in this case i'm glad he is.

clearelite2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Don't worry, he usually doesn't get his way. He might think he's a big shot now though, because this time, people listened to him. Maybe he will start wearing a cape so he can troll for even more attention.
I'm actually kind of glad he got his way this one time though, even though it's still lame. Hopefully this will be the only time he gets his way though.

MagicAccent2980d ago

Jack Thompson doesn't care about the victims of the shooting, nor the families, not anyone else, but himself.

He's a media whore, and he's just in it to hear his own voice.
Sadly, other people hear it too, and takes it seriously. That's the real tragedy.

NotSoSilentBob2981d ago

Sadly this is just going to empower Jackie boy to start his "Holy-er then thou" campaign again.

newn4gguy2981d ago

You know, "holier" is an actual word.

NotSoSilentBob2981d ago

Meh I had a brain fart and didn't want to just jury rig it.

Nightshade3862981d ago

I try to make a habit of disagreeing with Jack Thompson as often as humanly possible......

But we don't need a Columbine game. Poor idea to begin with.

Visari2981d ago

Censor everything or censor nothing.

It's like women wanting equal rights but complain when a guy smacks/punches them. Either stand up and grasp those equal rights or stay in the kitchen.

newn4gguy2981d ago

Dude...that's not funny. Women deserve respect!

I'm going to have my wife write a message to soon as she finishes that ham and cheddar beauty I told her to make me.

RankFTW2981d ago

Girls always punch me in the mouth :(.

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