Top 10 Problems with PC Gaming

PC gaming has a long and storied history but it's not without its share of problems. While it's not possible to tuck everything into one neat list, some problems are bigger than others and can be quantified into a top ten.

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whydoyouask4204d ago

It's not "lost revenue" it's "lost potential revenue." There's a distinct difference between the two.

wiggles4204d ago

I think the "It's too complicated" item should have been bold. That is really the only reason why I don't get into PC gaming. I would love to have a nice fast computer that I can play games on and I can use as a machine. But there are so many requirements for computers I just can't keep it all straight.

metsgaming4204d ago

plus its expensive and an inconsistent experience.

bobrea4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )


Definitely dude. I built my first computer when i was 15 or 16, taught myself and have been teaching myself about computers ever since and now I'm learning to program. But not everyone needs to take it that far, but knowing computer hardware isn't nearly as hard as people make it out to be.


There's another site called cyberpowerpc (i think) that is the same as ibuypower. But if you want individual parts, I would go with and but newegg usually has slightly better prices. Those are the sites I used on my first build, and on my new build (November-ish) I bought exclusively from newegg. They have very quick shipping and as I said, awesome prices. Good luck with your build!

Octo14204d ago

You said it. Last gaming PC I had was good enough for Battlefield 2 and then it got obsolete in no time.I would like to have a gaming PC but there's that constant question "does your PC meet minimum requirements?" I have nothing against PC gaming as I was once upon a time had a PC that I used for gaming. These days though I'd much rather prefer just pop in a disc and know that it will work.Having to keep up with graphics cards,sound cards,processors,RAM etc is something I can live without.That's just my 2 cents :)

bozebo4204d ago

I just pop a disk into my 2007 built PC and everything works fine... or just buy it on steam and it works fine...

BattleAxe4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Software isn't really driving hardware anymore, and infact newer GPUs and the i7 Quad core processor are nowhere near being maxed out by most of the newer games. The last game that really challenged PC hardware was Crysis in 2007, but developers have not been dumping money into maxing out PC versions of games because they are focused on the PS3 and 360. Battlefield 3 is the only real exception to this from what I can tell, but I think that when the PS4 and the next xbox get released, you'll see devs start to push PC hardware once again.

I've got an i7 920 Processor, 6 gigs of Memory and a Geforce GTX 260, and I don't plan on upgrading anything for at least another 3 or 4 years, or even more depending on what developers are doing to push the boundaries in graphics.

bobrea4204d ago

Thats why websites like ibuypower and others exist. You don't have to wire your own rig if you don't want to. And it's really not that complicated. a little research is all it takes, and it's a good skill to have anyway. It's essentially just like a puzzle. Everything has its own place.

TOSgamer4204d ago

Yep its always good to learn a little about the things you use. Otherwise your always at the mercy of others when shit hits the fan. Honestly, you could watch some youtube videos and learn how to build a pc in a few hours.

wiggles4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

really? I never heard of that site. Thanks for the tip! I am going to check it out tomorrow!

EDIT: @bob is it possible that you can have them just send the parts so that you can put it together yourself? I have always been interested in building my own machine, I just worry that certain parts won't play nice with others.

peowpeow4204d ago

If buying parts newegg and tigerdirect are great (I'm not even from US), also tomshardware forums are great if you have questions about parts, compatibility etc.

bobrea4204d ago

@ wiggles

Just updated my previous comment, but I figured I'd post this to make sure you get the notification.

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TacoTaru4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

I agree with your LOL and add my own. No wonder games are being "dumbed down" for console gamers. I would be ashamed to admit that I wasn't bright enough to understand PCs. There is a phenomenal amount of information on the web and it doesn't take much effort to gain enough understanding to build your own. Sheesh!! - must be the result of the public education system and those wonderful teachers with teaching certification.

mastiffchild4204d ago

So, you're calling 95% of the World's population thick, is that right? I know brain surgeons who wouldn't know how to START any PC they don't at work let alone many journalists,writers,professors of history, English and the Arts that wouldn't have the first clue about components.

To many people gaining that information is like learning another language-whether that's the reality or not it's the perception so they don't learn when console gaming is now not the comparative eyesore and feature free zone it once was.

It's great that you and I are capable(but, seriously, you NEVER had any compatibility issues when building gaming rigs?)of making and updating a decent P but dismissing those that can't because they probably, actually do something much harder is WAY unfair and the kind of elitist bunkum that gives PC gamers a bad name.

I know I'm not dim but wouldn't like a pair of physicists saying I must be because I cannot make nuclear bombs from bare materials. Same kind of attitude, no? Though, I do admit it isn't the minefield many fear it's still something you need to want to keep up with and spend the time doing so in order to keep your PC cutting edge. It takes time and effort and to some folk other priorities come higher than mods, building rigs or a few extra pixels when weighed against the ease of console gaming.

As for console gaming being responsible for the dumbing down of gaming-unless you've been asleep for years you'd have noticed EVERYTHING is being dumbed down which is why we should celebrate the odd gems we get on whatever platform and lose this tribal, platform following habit. I love my rig, and always will, but even as a former complete PC gamer I confess t playing more on PAS3 of late-oddly enough mainly because I find K/M too effective in shooters and I never got a taste for MMORPGs.

ugabugaz4204d ago

You've got to understand, it can be quite daunting for the general population to dive into PC gaming. If they're eager to learn, sure, they'll fit right in. But the thing is most people don't want to, preferring to be ignorant sheep.

Google is a wonderful resource

Kon4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )

Top 500 problems with Console Gaming

Everything on this list happens on Consoles too (minus the DRM). And WTF PC is too complicated?

ATiElite4204d ago

I've come to the conclusion that people are just totally stupid now a days. All those budget cuts in the public schools is catching up and effecting our societies capability of learning. computers are not hard at all. The way all the hardware is made you can never plug anything into the wrong slot or plug.

turn it on and the dam thing will tell you what to do if it doesn't do it automatically. Go to Google if you don't understand something.

But if your really really stupid then just go buy a Mac. No offense but Macs are for idiots and computer illiterates. if something goes wrong...just turn it off and turn it back on, how hard is that.

Devin93x4204d ago

The problem I have is that the person with the money is going to have the edge. Everything will be running smoother, and to me it's an unfair advantage. On console you have a level playing field (except for HDTV differences). But the cost is much less then having to be constantly upgrading PC hardeware to keep up with the competition.

Ducky4204d ago (Edited 4204d ago )


That's the only real downside that I've felt. Closest thing I've seen on consoles is sound whoring... but that pales in comparison to PC where someone can have a superior mouse, superior screen, superior fov, superior frame rate, superior network configuration, and the list goes on.

Then again, the problem with consoles is that you're stuck with the game. If you want to change your fov or modify the visuals to increase frame rate, you can't. =/

KeiserSosay47884204d ago

Don't most people playing tourneys and junk turn their settings wayyyyy down?

mastiffchild4204d ago

Yeah, when I was a CS freak the lengths me and mates went to to get that edge ended in what we called the arms race-newest/best K/M set up, nest/best GC/SC whatever and though never as dear as made out it did make for an unfair advantage for the rich guys.

On the other hand I paid 40 quid for L4D 360 and compared to the game I got for less than half that off Steam for PC with stronger dev and community support, more options, higher basic quality(bigger difference than any console port should have below a PC counterpart as well-Valve have yet to TRY on a console imho)and, for such a tiny and limited game, the life supporting mod scene. So I know why PC can be greatest even today.

Still, a lot to be said for the relative even playing field of consoles-esp if, like me, you like to know the guy killed you because he was just better on the day rather than had a better set up or had the backgrounds desaturated and enemies highlighted!! I also tired of mouse as a control for shooters-because it's silly effective in SP games which allied to aiming on two separate planes takes me too much out of the game these days.

I'm, even relative to other gamers, a better shooter gamer with K/M even now(i.e I SUCK with a pad compared to more gamers than I did compared to them when we were all using K/M!!)when I play every shooter(console or PC) with a pad!!

Best to just say that there are great, subjective pros and cons which make gaming on any platform a true matter of actual preference. From controller pref, the "level playing field", having the highest GFX and FPS settings or even the plug and play ease of a PS360. Just enjoy the gaming and hate on real gaming issues like devisive fanboys, cheats(cheaters to my US brethren) and, worst of all, the bare faced theft merchants who commit piracy.

When we start JUST saying these are the things wrong with GAMING and not just one of it's branches we might start getting somewhere rather than feeding the divide and rule tactics the industry has used to keep us down at every turn. Inclusion and mutual respect for whoever games on what is the way forwards-it isn't "our" little world anymore and if we forget that by in fighting just who is going to lobby an already greedy games industry the next time the ask us to all bend over?

People like us need to fight for the rights of every gamer from Farmville to WoW to Halo to Starcraft to Mario to GOW to Paper Toss!! I know a lot of us can come over as arrogant and it has to stop or we lose any bloody voice we ever had withn gaming and Zynga/Popcap will keep rolling over everything eventually-esp with slash and burn idiots like Kotick at our industry's head.

Ducky4204d ago

^ Wall of text of epicness.

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