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Gamesradar writes " Alright – after several days counting the best games on each of Nintendo’s handhelds, we’re finally at the toughest round. Narrowing down the 25 best DS games proved more challenging than we expected; obviously we knew the system had no shortage of top-notch software, but when asked to shave amazing titles like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance A2 and Rhythm Heaven from the countdown, we started to truly appreciate how fantastic the DS has been to us. It all began back in 2004…"

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Venox20082979d ago

Okamiden, contra 4, ghost trick, layton series, castlevania series, sonic series, gta,warioware:touched, big bang mini, soul bubbles, kirby canvas curse & superstar ultra, the legendary starfy, metal slug 7, zelda series, metroid:hunters, metroid pinball, bomberman, new mario bros & mario RPGS, ninja gaiden:dragon sword, rhythm heaven, elite beat agents & osu takae ouendan 1 & 2, DS has a lot of great games, can't remember now at the moment more, try them :) ...can't wait for 3DS :)

eagle212978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

nice list, how would you score Contra 4? I'm interested in trying it. has had Contra 3DS for pre-order since last year.......can't wait to hear more! :)

Venox20082978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

hmmm.. contra 4 I could score in this list #5 or even better place, it's a very good game, but hard (contra difficult :))) ...about Contra 3DS? I think we'll see it at E3 ...

...I am waiting for 3DS to arrive by postage...can't sleep properly :D :D check out "Dream trigger 3D" .. and I hope that "Child of eden" would be ported someday to 3DS or a sequel from a scratch .. :)

..I hope that devs would make more and more games this style or similar for our eyes to catch such a beauty on 3DS..

btw offtopic.. if you like games like this, try REZ and Sin & punishment 1&2 ..