SMOKE in MK9 picture leaked ??

a lot of rumors are going around that smoke
a character from the MK series will be in MK9 the next MK game
and today a leaked picture has surfed the internet
is it fake or not
we will have to wait and see

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alucard-22981d ago

this is some real AWESOMENESS
i can't wait until he gets confirmed

LOGICWINS2981d ago

Smoke? YEEES!! If they put Motaro in the game too, I think I might pass out lol.

Dart892981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

They be stupid not to include him after all he was in the 2nd mk and this mk is based on the the first 3 games.But if they do i want both a ninja and cyborg version of him but not for him to take up another character slot instead just pressing a button for his alternate form.

I want ninja smoke to look like this.

ChristianGamer2981d ago

So they are gonna turn subs into a cyborg and let this Don King lookalike escape this time around?? Still can't believe they turning Subzero cyber in the storyline, sad days indeed

GoldPS32981d ago

The pic look like some type of bird man to me lol but yeah I like smoke

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The story is too old to be commented.