MS promises to 'really deliver on Kinect' in 2011

Xbox is moving to a broader audience, says UK boss

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redDevil872981d ago

Wizziokid: What about core games?

MS employee: What the hell are core games?

Wizziokid: Errm you know, games for the core gamer?

MS employee: Oh yeaaahhhh i remember those people, we don't really care about them anymore.

Agent_S2981d ago

Although I dont agree with you this made me laugh. Sooo heres a bubble.

Lamarthedancer2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

They don't care about the core audience

They never have since Kinect came out, I'm surprised people still have faith in them to be honest.

E3 won't reveal that much and I think if that happens people really start to stop being fanbois and buy a PS3 to experience some amazing games this year.

You can have a PS3 with Sonys great games this year and still buy Gears 3 for your 360

plb2981d ago

You'll have to depend on multiplat devs for core from now on it seems.

B1663r2981d ago

And we have the best looking version of the best looking game. Multiplat developers bring it on;P

DavidMacDougall2981d ago

Yeah thats what i was thinking .... MS promises to 'really deliver on Kinect the Wii market' in 2011

xtremeimport2981d ago

the title made me giggle.

kalebgray922981d ago

lol its already 4 months in.... how much longer to wait.... i bought it for my sister and she doesnt even play with it anymore... i got on dance central but it get too boring and tiring.... need to implement it in games that already exist... halo reach anyone.... until then dont make promises you cant keep M$

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DiRtY2981d ago

They already did. And with the already announced core games things will only get even better

Boody-Bandit2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Damn what did they spike the koolaid with you drank?

Come on man, let's get serious and completely honest here. MS is focusing mostly on Kinect now and not their core fanbase. They have 2 exclusives coming out in all of 2011 for their core userbase. TWO!

Now maybe they will surprise us with something at E3 but I find that highly unlikely considering nearly everything gets leaked by the media these days. Can anyone remember the last time there was a surprise announcement at E3 that wasn't already rumored weeks or months before hand?

The last announcement from MS that caught me completely off guard was Pter Moore rolling up his shirt sleeve to display a GTA4 tattoo. I am not holding out hope E3 2011 will have one of those "oh shit" moments.

xtremeimport2981d ago

Portal on Ps3 was a surprise.

but i know and agree with what you're saying.

DiRtY2981d ago

The point you guys don't understand is that games that use Kinect can be for the Core audience as well. Games like Haunt, Project Draco, Rise of Nightmares, codename D, Steel Battalion are hardcore games using Kinect. Go to YouTube and check the trailers for yourselves.
And btw none of these games were rumored before. Final Fantasy XIII was not rumored, wasn't it? Kingdoms was not rumored either.

xtremeimport2981d ago

no what you dont understand is that those games are basically just here-say as of now. You can talk the talk, but until they walk the walk, its only gonna be speculation.

GodofwarGoty2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

what about the other games ? its like microsoft forget its hard core players and now only cares about kinect i think the only good game to come out for hard core players is Gears and after that only kinet games for the rest of the year

SuperStrokey11232981d ago

I hope that E3 isnt just all kinect all the time for xbox... wouldnt be good.

xtremeimport2981d ago

agreed. but you know it will be, it already was last year and Kinect wasnt even out yet.

xtremeimport2981d ago

i stated a

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