Tour Of Saints row the thirds city+ first look ingame Video

You may have already seen Volition discuss the design philosophy behind the new city in Saints Row: The Third, but now's your chance to see the city of Steelport under construction.

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Blacktric4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Oh my God!

Edit: The "in game" part, mentioned at the headline, starts around at 4:00 mark and it just shows the basically rendered city with simple AI. No post processing effects or anything, so don't expect to see something close to true ingame footage.

lyvon4078d ago

I can just imagine how much time and man-hours that world creator/editor has saved them...

At 4:00 it's not so much in-game...more of a partially rendered view of the city, oh well still something :)

LoneWanderer094078d ago

This just made me want to play GTA4

Blad3star4078d ago

You kiss getting phone calls from Lil Jacob or do you just miss going to the internet cafe and going online to search for a gay date.

LoneWanderer094078d ago

Hahaha naw i play Online fuck the Offline is boring after finishing the story