God of War Team To Double In Size For Next Project

God of War III pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible in current-gen games, with colossal creatures dynamically affecting the environment, while also acting as entire levels. Developers of the award-winning title, Sony Santa Monica, are now hard at work on their next project, and with the development team nearly doubling in size, it looks like their newest title will be even bigger.

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Sev4869d ago

Wow. I wonder if that means double the size of the game. God of War III was one of my favorites this generation. Such a superb game.

I'm hearing that this has the makings of an Action MMO taking place in a God of War-themed ancient Greece.

doctorstrange4869d ago

GOW3 had double GOW2, so if it has the same ratio of more awesomeness, then this = :O

Vojkan4869d ago

He confirmed that they are working on new IP. They are going to have one and a half team and he says in the video. One team will work on the current project, that half will be RnD

dangert124869d ago

I would't say GOW III was a big game but shit you could tell there was man power behind it

jut4204869d ago

what are you talking about? everything about the game was big except maybe the length which I honestly had no complaints about...didn't feel robbed or that it dragged on...it just felt perfect

dangert124869d ago

the length is what i ment lol

NukaCola4869d ago

God of War 3 was a good 8 hours, and the scale was incredible. The effort that went into it was unreal. There has never been bosses that big in a game ever.

snaz274869d ago

lol i don't think it works like that... But how about they've doubled the size cos they are running dual projects? A ps3 gow and a ps4 one too, or maybe even a new ip? For either one of the 2, can't wait anyway gow3 was great.

BigWoopMagazine4869d ago

God I hope so. My only disappointment with GOW3 is that it ended, and a bit on the short side. Of course, every single second of that was pure distilled awesomeness, so it worked out, but I always want more!

Chubear4869d ago

Action MMO taking place in a God of War-themed ancient Greece & ... HEAVENLY SWORD2!!

... I would sob sweat tears of joyful joy if it was even remotely close this this lol

BattleAxe4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

I would take Heavenly Sword 2, as I think that Sony Santa Monica could do a far superior job over what Ninja Theory did in terms of the storyline and length of gameplay. I felt that Heavenly Sword looked fantastic(one of the best PS3 games for visuals) but I felt like I was dropped into the middle of an action movie without having any idea of the background of the characters or the world, only to have the main protagonist die at the end of the game. All I knew is that Nariko was hot and her sidekick was a bit crazy. I think they should at least try to salvage the Nariko character and try to fit her into GoW somehow.

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xtheownerzx4869d ago

MY thought is will we see a new GOW game this generation?

doctorstrange4869d ago

Knowing Santa Monica, we'll see GOW4 on PS3 2 years after the PS4's release.

NukaCola4869d ago

I think we will get one more GOW on NGP, but that is it. And I assume it may be about Kratos's brother.

I would love to see Santa Monica do a Heavenly Sword sequel and then something completely different like an open world game. Maybe they can pull a Bioshock and do different GOW-themed games, like a Nordic GOW, Roman GOW, Japanese GOW, or maybe something space-like. I wish we could get a 2001: A Space Oddysey-style game.

BK-2014869d ago

I hope they try something new with the same engine.

user94220774869d ago

I hope so. GOW3 was one of my fav titles

Focker4204869d ago

I feel the same way. I can wait 3-4 years for another GOW if it means we get a new IP from this incredible team.

nycrekid4869d ago

I would love them to make a Heavenly Sword sequel.

Mookie4869d ago

Like BK said

Im loving that engine, something new!!

warrior99884869d ago

new god of war maybe playing as kratos son maybe aphrodite will have his son just an idea lol

blackburn54869d ago

NO! Kratos's daughter! And she is topless throughout the whole game. That is what it should be.

Focker4204869d ago

They did say before that in GOW3 the sex would actually be 'meaningful',

warrior99884869d ago

see it could be theres a chance

theunleashed644869d ago

this might be far fetched and might be impossible to to do but i like to see a sandbox rpg using the god of war 3 engine.