New Wii Information - September 14th?

Matt Casamassina of IGN Wii has received an invitation from Nintendo of America to an exclusive event on September 14th, in just a few weeks time. It is likely that new information, including the price and release date, will be unveiled here.

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Sphinx5379d ago

My wife is really excited about it... and I am, too!

RealDoubleJ5379d ago

That puts a lot more pressure on Sony for the Tokyo Games Show to remind consumers why they're #1 in the videogames market.

a repeat of E3 (i hopefully doubt) & there'll be yet even more negativity leading into the PS3's launch.

LilClaw5379d ago

We talk about how the PS3 isn't in production yet, well is the Wii in production? Seriously, does anyone have info on that?

Sphinx5379d ago

... but I am going to kidnap Mario and make him talk.

Marriot VP5379d ago

I don't see why not, probably soon though. No one realy cares about the wii, lol just kidding...maybe.

I said the hype would diminish by it's launch, guess what it did.

ChickeyCantor5379d ago

is that the Wii hardware is easily to manufacture and the PS3 needs more time.

wakkiwakko5379d ago (Edited 5379d ago )

Wii went gold. It went into production that same month. It was in production since. December/January

News were all over gaming news sites. I'll look for a source.

wakkiwakko5379d ago

PAUL CERULA, the hype didn't die. Press died. Wii isn't in the media anymore. All that needed to be said was said. And more will be said periodically as the inevitable lunch day nears.

People who felt strongly about the wii then still feel strongly about it now. Media just doesn’t have new things to say. As the day nears stories will be published. Game information will be shared.

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