RPGFan: The 3rd Birthday Review

RPGFan says, "Whenever a beloved series gets resurrected, the developer takes a big chance. It's difficult to not only preserve what people loved, but also keep things fresh with new innovations. Longtime fans are also invested fans, however, and it's harder to meet their expectations. It's even more difficult when it has been over a decade since the series has seen a new entry, which is the case with Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve introduced us to a story deeply rooted in science fiction and horror, one of the most badass female main characters ever, and a hybrid action RPG/Survival Horror battle system. All these have worked well in the past, yet I must confess that The 3rd Birthday (T3B) dashed my hopes for a quality title in more ways than one. I'll put it plain and simple: T3B is a tease. It builds you up for greatness and then drowns itself in awful gameplay, poor characterization choices, and an ambiguous story with plot holes galore. The 3rd Birthday is a game that resurrected a...

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