Killzone 3 Servers Go Down On Monday, Will Fix Guerrilla Warfare Issues – All Regions Affected

Just like we reported a few days ago, Guerrilla Games has now made official that Killzone 3′s servers will see some downtime this coming Monday.

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Dart892980d ago

Neve encountered this problem.But hey they wanna make it better then by all means i'm all for it.

movements2980d ago

Indeed. Good to see the dev taking preemptive measures.

Jamaicangmr2979d ago

This happened to me a few times even today. I really hope they fix it because its discouraging to work so hard only to have ur points lost or reset.

REDGUM2979d ago

I don't care...........we have a fantastic game to play online right now (killzone3) and after the maintainance period we will have an even better game to play. Keep up the great work Gurilla. great work and brilliant game..................though if it's not too much to ask, please a longer Campain game next time round. Thankyou.

HarryPS32979d ago

At what exact time and for how long?!

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