Halo 3 Bricking Xbox 360 Systems?

While Microsoft would not make an official comment, Xbox Evolved has dug up information that it is completely possible; Andrew Gile of Independence, Kentucky claims, "When I get to the Ark level my Xbox 360 just doesn't want to load it, and sometimes I can't play co-op, and for some reason I get these errors with reading my discs all the time." Just a short drive from Independence, Kentucky and across the river at Madison, Indiana similar reports have been brought to my attention while I was at the local game store. Jason Thompson, a disgruntled gamer returning his third copy of Halo 3, has no idea what is going on, "I just don't understand I haven't had my Xbox 360 for to long, and I treat my disc pretty well, there are no scratches on any of the discs I returned I just don't get it man." Jason didn't explain exactly what was wrong with his Xbox 360 or Halo 3, other than "it screws up".

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wageslave4491d ago

lame. "kids in a gamestore" as the "source".

this is just BS. Totally impossible.

REPORT AS FAKE and turf this FUD.

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Balance4491d ago

my god sony fanboys are dumb.

Umbrella Corp4491d ago

one day hes pro sony and the next hes anti sony.lightning what gives?life is better when your not a fanboy :]

PopEmUp4491d ago

omg from IQ score i only see x-box fan r dumb than sony fanboi where wii fanboy r all kids so they not the target, so as u see xbox fanboy doesn't counter part the comment they only do a hit and run comment, they just can't state a real argument and state fact that people will be agreeing upon like there 33% failure rate on all xbox 360 owners and there RROD coming up when playing GEAR isn't that fact

Primetimebt4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago ) and here is Halo my friend got on his camera phone at the store

maggotmx4491d ago

Haha priceless... my friends xbox rrod on him playing halo too.. i laughed at him =)but his rich like a [email protected]$%# he has all 3 systems so he didnt even care

akaFullMetal4491d ago

hope this isnt true for 360 owners, but if it is i dont think its a wide spread problem, since we would of heard of alot more problems from people

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The story is too old to be commented.