IGN: The 3rd Birthday Review

The Parasite Eve series finally returns - under a new banner. Find out if this hybrid shooter/RPG lives up to its roots



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Surfaced2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Excellent. I'll place my preorder in a couple hours. Very excited!

Like everyone else, I'm still a little disappointed how its a PSP game... the review confirms that single analog has gimped combat slightly. Even the developers admitted they knew PS3 would've been the right choice, but they realized it too late into development. However, they're very open to a PS3 sequel, if this game sells nicely. I'm doing my part.

warrior99882983d ago

im glad you like it but why dont you get it from PSN its easier

Surfaced2983d ago

I enjoy having physical copies of the games I'm more excited about. But yeah, buying from PSN is definitely more convenient.

Rampaged Death2983d ago

Can't wait for this next week. Never been a fan of the Parasite Eve games but this looks great.

rezzah2983d ago

They gave the first 2 around a 7.7. This one should be fun.

rezzah2982d ago

Just to let the disagrees know I wasnt being sarcastic. Recently I went on Wikipedia to read up on the plot for the games and movie (That I also watched). While reading I saw at the bottom what score IGN gave the first 2 games.

Look for yourself.