Star Wars: The Old Republic - Jedi Knight Character Progression Trailer

Watch an example of the Jedi Knight’s advancement and progression.

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Simco8762984d ago

Looks like fun, looks like a huge time eater.... better call the girlfriend and get the break up speech ready

BK-2012984d ago

You would choose lightsabers over vagina?

qadsia1232984d ago

looking like another failed attempt trying to dethrone WoW.

OdinFallen2984d ago

They've come out and said they aren't trying to dethrone anyone. They're trying to push the story telling envelope in MMOs. Aside from that, WoW isn't all that great anyway.

Wizziokid2984d ago

Was wating for someone to bring WoW up...

WoW isn't anything special people need to realise that, people act like it was the first mmo and started most of the things it has in it... mmo history lessons are in order.

anyway this looks amazing, can't wait to play it, hopefully it won't disappoint

Baka-akaB2984d ago

its not even heroic fantasy , that's how silly the claim is

qadsia1232984d ago

OH yes how could I be so silly comparing two MMO'S ffs there both MMO's its not like Im comparing it to an FPS...

kvg882984d ago

If this goes well, here's to hoping Bioware make KOTOR3