Crysis 2 Advanced Settings for PC users

For PC users who are disappointed at the noticeable lack of graphical options available in Crysis 2, a forum user going by the handle of wasdie has written his own application to allow for modification of advanced graphical settings. The user is well known within the Steam and Gamespot community and the application is verified working by a number of individuals.

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chak_4567d ago

Yeah I'm using it, it's great.

Bye bye crappy blur.

starchild4567d ago

It helps a lot. Thanks, wasdie.

plb4567d ago

Wow, submitted yesterday morning and just now being approved lol.

mistajeff4567d ago

oh thank god. why crytek didn't include these options in the retail release continuously blows my mind. the person who made this deserves a medal or a cuddle from somebody

kevnb4567d ago

Lol, crytek have made strange decisions all along. But i still really like their games.

mistajeff4567d ago

yeah i mean the game is a blast, i'm really loving it, the story is the type of intriguing sci-fi i'm into and the nanosuit makes you feel like a true badass, but the lack of directx11 and advanced options left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Killzoned4567d ago

sucks for real and extreme doesn't even look that impressive

despair4567d ago

To tell the truth the game disappoints a lot to me. Its no where as good as Crysis or Warhead. They have tried too much to add COD style action in places and while its still a good game and better than a lot of the crap out there, there is always this voice in my head saying "this is not like Crysis" and not in a good way.

I know it was made to cater for console gamers and more mainstream, but as someone said above, they have made some strange decisions when making this game and I don't like quite a few of them, I mean no advance settings WTF!!! Oh well at least its still decent.

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