FTG Review: Swarm (Xbox 360)

"I didn’t really know anything about Swarm, the new title from Hothead Games (Deathspank, Penny Arcade Adventures) prior to heading to PAX East 2011. That quickly changed when I walked by a 40 inch television with the voice of a little girl screaming about mutilating Swarmites and getting more points than that “bitch friend of hers”. The teaser trailer/ad campaign was ingenious (editor’s note: absolutely agree, that trailer had be bawling with laughter on the PAX floor); some where laughing because its funny, while others were laughing because it’s creepy and uncomfortable. Needless to say the trailer caught my attention, along with the attention of thousands of other gamers walking the show floor."- Jatosin

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DelbertGrady2981d ago

I liked the demo but for 1200 points Torchlight is a more content worthy alternative.

maxcavsm2981d ago

Hmm...hadn't thought of that, but yeah, that's a great point.

That being said, that teaser trailer had me laughing my ass off.

AmigoSniped2981d ago

I'm going to get this game soon lots of fun

JATOSIN2981d ago

Awesome game you really can't rely on words alone it must be experienced

eccothedolphin72981d ago

They kinda look like NERDS. You know, the candy guys?

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