Epic: 'We Could See Bulletstorm NGP'

Cliff Bleszinski has told Play what we thinks of Sony's forthcoming NGP, noting that the dual analogue sticks are a boon as "dual-analogue touch-screen controls do not work"

More interesting is that he hints at a possible Bulletstorm NGP project: "In the event we had the opportunity and time on Epic’s side and we found a potentially good partner and the stars were aligned, you never know, you could see Bulletstorm NGP somewhere down the line, but God knows right now man. That’s a complete hypothetical."

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Kran2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


Does Sony even like Cliff? It wouldn't surprise me if Sony one day said "f**k off".

@DelbertGrady Well Cliff doesn't exactly care about PS3 gamers, now does he? He laughs at them, and if he actually wants people to buy his games, he needs to start being more respectful. Yes. He may hate the PS3 controllers. But when you're running a business, some things you need to keep to your self!

DelbertGrady2983d ago

What are you, 10 years old or something? You actually believe professionals like Sonys employees and Cliff Bleszinski act like fanboys when doing business with each other?

Do you think Cliffs personal taste in controllers prevents Epic from releasing games on certain platforms?

Dragun6192983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

People say that Sony hated Gabe Newell and Valve but look how that turned out.

I'm pretty sure Sony as a company likes Cliffy B, more importantly Epic. I mean most of the current gen games out there run on Epic's Unreal Engine 3 so its good to hear that Epic already has Unreal Engine 3 support for NGP.

hennessey862983d ago

epic shown sony with unreal tournament.

sinncross2983d ago

I hope Infinity Bladeis brought as a launch title download.

That would be cool, along with a portable Bulletstorm.

blusoops2982d ago

Bulletsorm NGP yes.
Infinity Blade...not so much. Bought it when it was on sale, didn't like it too much.

STK0262983d ago

If Sony, or any major publisher or platform maker for that matter, is willing to refuse to have a major developer like Epic games work on their platform, well, it's their loss. Just like Sony won't hold any grudge against Activision despite their poor port of Black Ops and their support to MS, it won't refuse to receive a potentially AAA game just because one of the guy working on said game has stated his opinions on various matters.

And, in the same way, even if some people at Epic might not love the PS3, that won't stop them from updating the UE3 to make it better on the PS3. You can act like a fanboy all you want on the internet, but when it comes to business, I'm sure they all act more professionnaly.

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chasegarcia2983d ago

please no Bulletstorm for NGP. Make something new that is not a FPS.

meetajhu2983d ago

gtfo here. The real reason everyone wanted dual analogues is for fps. And Sony bought in extra goodies.

Stealth20k2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

if its a brand new game fine. But if its a port. Thats really lame

and unreal support is irrelevant for portables. The games all look the same, pretty but the same with a lack of gameplay

Infinite blade was one of the worst games (if you want to call it that) Ive ever played. The story, gameplay, content was cringeworthy

keep unreal off portables, theyve already made most console games unbearable.

bozebo2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

It's up to the developer to make proper use of the engine.

Take Bioshock for example, it managed to avoid having a stupid cover system :P

I share your annoyance for the engine, but in actual fact it is a really great piece of software engineering. In particular, the rendering.

DEagle-izer2982d ago

@ Stealth 20k

And the fact that you have no disagrees, shows that Graphics can be almighty, but the game can still suck!

This should be something for Graphic Drama Queens to take note of.

christoph2032983d ago

I really wanna see a game from epic but not a cliffy B game. If he belives dual touch won't work then id rather not too see another traditional action game from him. I mean the day cliffy B makes a game that isn't about shooting big guys with big guns ill take him and his opinion more seriously.

blusoops2982d ago

When cliffy said he didn't like dual touch he was referring to dual touch "analog sticks" on the iPhone/pad. He wasn't talking about dual touch screen/back pad of the NGP.

I've only heard him praise the NGP up till now.

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