MotoGP 10/11 Review (Gameplay Today)

Review reads: "The MotoGP has been one of the most underrated racing series in gaming for a long time now. It’s never been a case of poor quality, but more the fact that casual gamers just haven’t embraced two-wheel racing. Despite having the same pickup-and-play type of accessibility that most of the major car racing franchises offer, gamers have just been scared off by the motorcycles. It’s been the same throughout various publishers and developers handling the MotoGP license. Capcom’s third spin around the track with the license continues the same level of quality."

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ShyGuy132980d ago

These games always interest me, but they're typically so damn difficult..

vgn242980d ago

I can't get into bike games either. I like the old BMX and stunt-based MotoX style games more. Every MotoGP game I try, I wipeout and wipeout.