FiringSquad previews Call of Duty 4; new images

The venerable Call of Duty franchise continues the march of war with a change of scenery. No longer will players be arming themselves with M1 Garands, Lugers, and PPS42s. The war they will fight will not have been fought already once in the world and simulated in five thousand other games. No, those days are long behind us.

Instead, Infinity Ward places gamers in the shoes of a modern soldier, with all the tools of the trade. Weapons are deadlier, combat is more chaotic, and the graphics prettier and grittier. Despite that, there's this feeling of instantly recognizing the blood lines of the title. Everything you have always loved about Call of Duty is immediately present – the way your character moves, the weapon feel, the advantages and disadvantages to firing from the hip.

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bluebrad19744486d ago

I was lucky enough to get into the beta, and imo COD4's multi-player isn't that great. I have always enjoyed the SP of the COD series though. COD2 is still one of the most intense SP experiences I'v had in a FPS. Hopefully, COD4 will carry on the tradition.

Mikey_Gee4486d ago

... need a demo to hold me over till launch of this game.

I really really enjoyed the beta. The more you played the better it got IMHO.

COD2 is still a STAPLE in my games. And COD3, well, we will not talk about that !!

XXXRATED4486d ago

man it is looking good I played the beta and I can say I love the game but the grapics hurt my eyes on the x360 because like all the x360 games it doesn't have enough power to generate textures passed a certain distance of view with sharp details. but the pc sure can. and the small video of the c4 perks on ps3 make certain it can too, hopefully it plays as good as the x360 or I will be buying my first pc game!!!!

XXXRATED4486d ago

although i do have to say infinity ward has the best distance detail on x360 to date just still not enough to see guys on top of buildings etc without straining. I have a 1080p mitsu dlp so its not my tv it actually shows like a sore thumb on it.

Vicophine4486d ago

I played the Beta on my friends 360, and to be honest, I wasn't impressed, unless they step it up drastically, and thats assuming the PS3 version is at least equal to the 360's, I'm not buying.

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