Yaris (360) Screenshots

IGN offers up screenshots of the Toyota Yaris advergame for the 360.

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secret4495d ago

The dividing line has been drawn. Everything to the left of that line is the xbox360 and xbox360 multiports. Everything to the right of that line is the PS3 and the loyal PS3 developers like Insomniac games.

The following link is a Grand Turismo5 versus Real-life comparison quiz. Let's see how you do. Take the quiz and see the power of the PS3 rather than the smoke & mirrors of the xbox360. PS3 fans, you might want to try for yourself...enjoy the true next gen experience on the utlimate home theater console -- the PS3.

Unless you got all 14 answers on this quiz correct on the first try with 100% certainty, with absolutely no doubt at all while you were taking the exam, I don't think you should click disagree. Clicking disagree without passing this test in flying colors shows (to yourself) that you're untrustworthy, pigheaded, and easily amazed by microsoft's smoke and mirrors. You know who you are.(If Microsoft really loves you, then why does it continue to sell you a product that it KNOWS is still defective rather than HALTING production until the flaws are worked out?).

Thank you. Now take the quiz.



InMyOpinion4495d ago

I see that you don't get irony, maybe you will in a couple of years when you're brain is more evolved.

I actually got 14/14, but the game looks good.

stunt2134495d ago

Holy sh!t is this game 360 exclusive if it's, this game makes me want to get a 360....NOT

Cat4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

advergaming is a disturbing practice, something of a new low. like any product placement, it doesn't work if it smacks you in the face, and this game comes with a resounding smack. yaris: save the world with eco-friendly automobiles and battle it out against big oil!

EDIT @ Syko: now a Boston Tea Party game, that I would play! ;)

Syko4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

Hey don't complain it helps keep Xbox Live free....wait nevermind, Um well it does give you 200 free gamerscore points. Ya that's not that great either. Um, I actually think you are right this kind of sucks. But still, they could've had the balls to try and charge for it. Then it would have been like a gamer Boston Tea Party on the Internets.

I don't know how much room I have to talk though because I did buy all 3 Burger King games...I feel shame, but I had to get em' $4 was just to easy to spend =)

REbirth4495d ago

this one will compete with forza2 and PGR4 for the best 360 racing game of 2007:P

omg it looks so ugly...

ActionBastard4495d ago

$60 bucks a year down the drain

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The story is too old to be commented.