MotorStorm Apocalypse To Get Logitech Support

TheSixthAxis: "Evolution’s Matt Southern has just announced, via the magic of Twitter, that his latest game MotorStorm Apocalypse will be getting a patch down the line to include Logitech wheel support."

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nix2980d ago

super cool... now only if they add cockpit view. q;

Oldman1002980d ago

that would be the bees knees

jelydonut2980d ago

Nice.. now as long as they do it right.. at level 30 in GT5, and for the hell of it, tried the wheel with burnout paradise.. couldn't even keep the car straight.

Joni-Ice2980d ago

LOL. Really? I got the wheel but never tried it with Burnout yet. Good to know.

nix2980d ago

it's quite crap playing with wheel on burnout. it's just too floaty!

Knushwood Butt2979d ago

Yeah, Burnout was crap with a wheel. Hardly a realistic game in the first place though..

InfiniteJustice2980d ago

I'm glad MS:A is getting this kind of support. It's a very refreshing racing game

Lou-Cipher2980d ago

What about the new Thrustmaster T500 Gran Turismo Wheel?

A $600 wheel and you aren't even supporting the wheel that you helped develop? C'mon Sony, at least start utilizing it for your exclusives.

Miths2980d ago

Wheel support in an ultra fast and chaotic arcade racer like this?
I'm certainly looking forward to giving it a try with my Logitech G25, but I'm sort of having doubts that it will play very well.

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