First In-Game DiRT 3 Screenshots Revealed

While Codemasters has been offering screenshots of DiRT 3 to the media and gamers alike for some time, most of the assets presented have been ‘in-engine’ as opposed to ‘in-game’. While this wouldn’t affect the quality of the imagery, it may well confuse some gamers as to how the game might actually play. That has come to an end now however, as the publisher has revealed the first image taken directly from the game being played.

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anthem2984d ago

I can't wait to get dirty

theonlylolking2984d ago

That sounds like something Duke Nukem would say.

ATiElite2984d ago

Dirt 3 Pc looks awesome even in it's pre-alpha stage. Here's some footage of Dirt 3 running on a 3 monitor set-up. very fast and fluid.

This 3 monitor set-up is what HD6990 and 590GTX are made for, for those that wonder why anyone would buy a $700 graphics card or have ever said "There are no games that use that much power".

helrazor3432984d ago

I can't wait, looks good and reminds me of Rallisport Challenge 2 back on the original Xbox (love the Dirt series).

esperanza2984d ago

tiny pics.. hate 'em... anyone got them in high res?

mobijoker2984d ago

2 dirts and 2 f1s.But where's is the next Grid?