Go! Gaming Giant: Jikandia: The Timeless Land Review

From the review:

"First, we had In The Land of Time. Then there was The Land That Time Forgot. And The Land Before Time after that. Now…we have Jikandia: The Timeless Land, the latest handheld game to be localized by Aksys Games. Jikandia opens with a scene slightly reminiscent of a cross between the opening scenes of Battle Royale and Turtles In Time: a group of young students are riding on a subway when it suddenly stops and thrusts them into another world. From then on, it is quite obvious that their lives will never be the same again…quite possibly because they just might be killed any minute now."

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omicron0092983d ago

From the graphics alone, i think i will pass.

RaymondM2982d ago

ouch, i think I'll stay away from this one too. 6 is too low for my taste