Why Developers Need To Quit Whining

360 Magazine: Out Of Context
Has the games press become a pack of marauding jackals, or are developers getting caught in the tightly controlled PR machine that supports their games? We investigate a series of complaints made by designers about the press to find out.

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Queefy_B2983d ago

Yea sorry folks i whine alot but hey i am awesome...right?....riiiiight?

Queefy_B2983d ago

Thanks Dailynch, now back to my bukkake session followed by some Bulletstorm with 8 of my guy mates.

dangert122983d ago

I personally believe devs should stop listening to fans
cause on every game where they seem to listen it seems to turn more or less into cod
Socom 4 ok its not cod but you can tell cod fans have had there say

killzone 3 the cod fans where definatly heard

resistance 3 has streaks now?

i don't want cod cod cod and these people who do want cod cod cod
don't even buy these games how do i know?
the communities for these games are nothing compared to these cod ones cod barely took a hit when kz3 came out

pangitkqb2983d ago

This was an excellent article. There certainly is plenty of sensationalism in games journalism, but that doesn't instantly absolve any dev/publisher from comments or actions they later regret.

In fact, I'm far more likely to look past a devs controversial comments if they own up them rather than make excuses or blame the outlet that made those comments/actions public. I mean, that is literally the job of the press.

Whether press, dev, or publisher, each individual should simply be adult enough to own up to what they say and do. Pointing fingers is for those too weak to take the heat for their own doing.

ATiElite2983d ago

Because most of their games SUCK!!

Most developers, like a pack of rabid lemmings, run out and try to make a carbon copy of what ever game is Hot.
"They have kill we need kill streaks"
"They have knight elf we need knight elf Mohawks"
"They are raping we need to rape Hookers"
What ever happened to being original and innovative.

If your game has a character who walks/runs with realism and physics involved and the character moves slower/faster depending on the weight of the weapons....Don't change it, refine it and make sure it works smooth and if gamers don't like it say F you go play COD.

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humbleopinion2983d ago

It's mostly not the devlopers who "whine" - it's the shitty websites that take thing out of context, write up bombastic headlines with nothing to back it up, misunderstand technological concepts and write things that are basically wrong, mix up rumors with facts and motsly don't validate their sources or do any research.

Is it a surprise that many of the developers complain about total crap sites like CVG who are known for their complete lack of proper journalism? We got mostly crappy websites who commonly top up N4G with misleading headlines and worthless artices and news bits: HHG, GB, VGHQ and others are just "the cream of the crap".