Rumor: Leaked Image of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Playstation 3 Console?

The WinningEleven Blog has posted an image sent in by one of their members.

Allegedly this is an image of a Special Edition PS3, which was found at the french PES 2008 promotional site known as This Is My Game.

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LSDARBY4489d ago

That looks so cool, theyve even got PES in place of the playstation logo

stunt2134489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

that looks cool but i wish they would use navy instead of baby blue

sonarus4489d ago

looks cool but probably photoshopped. If true, it would easily sell well in the UK. Now sony needs to hurry up and put up PES demo they have had it in their hands for 2 weeks wats the hold up

doomsonyman4489d ago

that looks gay baby blue is not my color

MaximusPrime4489d ago

nice image for football/soccer fan.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

So this soccer game is really a big deal. I hope it's that good. They even make a PS3 model for it.

But what's the deal with PES 08 anyway? It almost seems like it's a European and Japanese game and United States has FIFA 08. I've had trouble finding a place to pre order or find the release date for PES 08 over here in the United States. All I find is FIFA 08.

Meus Renaissance4489d ago

It'll be called Winning Eleven something in the US. But this soccer game is fantastic; quality. The franchise is going on, for, what almost 10 years now?

It's massive in Europe.

Dpa4489d ago

Not true, here in europe hardly anybody pays notice of PES. Everybody buys FIFA because it has all the clubs and players etc.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4489d ago

PES 08 is selling well and it's not comming out till October 26th. So what your saying is that PES 08 has fake players? Cause only FIFA 08 has all the real players...

Meus Renaissance4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

FIFA is popular in Europe too because its name is synonymous with the sport. But Pro Evo is the game that any fan of the sport would sincerely prefer; well, most of the fans anyway.


Konami doesnt have the license to spell the names of all the players as they are meant to, neither can they replicate the kits exactly the same.

Siesser4489d ago

Think of the difference between Madden and ESPN NFL games. One has the name, the other has the gameplay, although with their newest release, the latter slipped up after a 3 year break. Madden would always sell more. Madden would have the noteriety. But ESPN NFL 2K5 was such a better game.

resistance1004489d ago

How do you explain the 7-8million copies of PES6 sold last year then?

PES is at a stage now where it is more popular than FIFA, and with it making its ps3 debut this year, theres alot of hype for this game, heck the ps3 version of PES has been in the top 10 pre-orders for the last month now. (look on preorders on first page)

Still everyone gets the PS versions of PES simply because the xbox version's have always been below par since PES5 on xbox 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.