Nintendo unfazed by iPad 2, Xperia Play competition

3DS shares its launch window with iPad 2 (also out today) and Xperia Play (releasing next Friday), but Nintendo's confident its new handheld can outshine the rival products.

Asked whether he expects consumers to vote with their wallets in Nintendo's favour, Nintendo UK marketing manager James Honeywell told CVG:

"Yes. I think Nintendo has a track record of innovating, whether it's through the original Nintendo DS or the Wii, and really the Nintendo 3DS is just the next extension of that. What we're offering is very different from anything the others are doing, so I really don't see any issues.

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Queefy_B2977d ago

They should be fazed cause i can see the xperia play having games as good as the 3ds if there just gonna go down the barbie/cats&dogs route again, i would waaay perfer a xperia play over a 3DS.

eagle212977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

I totally disagree queefy. If psp software sales in the west are so low right now, what can xperia expect? Nintendo will go down the domination route again queef. As far as ipad2, well we just have to see if apple "steps their games up" to Nintendo quality.....which I doubt. :)