HD DVD outsells Blu-ray at lower revenues

HD DVD players posted a more successful launch than its Blu-ray rival, at least in terms of the number of players sold. Home Media Retailing quotes an NPD study that found that HD DVD player outsold Blu-ray players by 33% during their first six weeks after launch. HD DVD sales began in April, while Blu-ray players followed in June; the only Blu-ray play currently offered is Samsung's $1000 BD-P1000, while HD DVD players are offered from multiple vendors for prices as low as $450.

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CAPS LOCK5375d ago

there is only one player at the market, if i was them i would wait for the ps3 its a blu ray player...hmm i think most people are waiting for a ps3 so they can get a console and a next gen player i guess they should just wait for the ps3 instead of lying to themselves.

THAMMER15375d ago

that is an optimistic way to look at it. But for real it is just to late for blue ray bro. HD dvd is out selling it 3 to one. Sony is not some super force that has super abilities to produce sales. PS3 will be here but not enough of them to stop the momentum of HD dvd. There has been more stand alone HD DVD players sold than PS3’s produced and Blue ray player on the market for sale now. So you can look at it how you like but the fan boy glasses need to come off.

Dusk5375d ago (Edited 5375d ago )

Sony is sort of caught in the middle with Bluray. Most gamers who are thinking of buying the PS3 could give two craps about bluray. Most movie buffs who are thinking of upgrading to the next gen DVD format could give two craps about built in players. Built in players are crappy compared to stand alones. If you really wanted to upgrade your home theatre system, you wouldn't do it with a PS3. Sony is trying to inflate their numbers by saying that everyone that owns a PS3 will buy bluray movies. In reality, that percentage will be quite small as most consumers buy GAME systems to play GAMES, not watch movies.

Thugbot1875375d ago

Well I can tell you now I'm not getting a Blu-Ray. It's got the worse reviews. They say only a marginal difference over DVD. Where as HD-DVD has a sign cant difference in picture over both of them and is only running 1080i. So please explain why we should pay higher cost for a product that as marginal gains in quality a smaller library of movies over existing cheaper technology that has a larger library of movies? Let me tell you this MPEG 2 (what blu-ray uses) will never beat out VC-1(what hd-dvd uses) in quality. Even with 1080p Blu-Ray will not show a better picture. Next thing to note is Sony CD/DVD drives are notorious for going out on people, not just PS2 people but there computer Sony VAIO or stand alone Sony drives. When I word as PC repair the most common problem was Sony drives not reading disc anymore. I know first hand I replaced my own Sony drive 6 times with the warranty with in a year. So knowing that why would any one want to pay so much for a PS3 with Blu-Ray? You can’t take of the hard-drive so when you have to send back do to the failure of the drive I hope Sony made an external way to back up all your saved game data. Also you should do some research before you come and talk smack because speaking with no fact to back up anything seems to be a strong point from a lot of Sony fan boys. If you guys want to win people over with a brain show us give us some facts to support what you are saying. Other wise continue to look stupid posting about dream hardware you haven’t seen in action. If you read anything about Sony you will know the only success they had in the past years is the PS1 and PS2 all other projects they had failed miserably. The only reason why the PS2 did so well was because it had a library of over 5000 games, which the closest system to that was the Xbox with only just over 500 games in its library. The one thing that says is with 5000 games you can cover a wider audience of people because you have more games that everyone might like. I can tell you all ready that Sony will not have near the amount of games as XBOX 360 or Wii and the reason is because of how hard it is to develop on it and the cost to develop for it. Are you not seeing the news of so many companies turning away all together or taking away there exclusives from Sony? I will say this if game companies aren’t willing to beat there title games on exclusive rights to the PS3 then that says more and more PS3 isn’t looking like a good ship to be riding when the tide comes in. Don’t take my advice just look at the people developing Full Auto 2. If PS3 is so great with Blu-Ray why are they leaving to support the other guys?

TheMART5375d ago

PS3 users are not the persons that buy BR movies. They play games.

Stand alone buyers invest in media. And those are in majority HD-DVD users.

Furthermore, it has been reviewed: HD-DVD gives more quality images.

BR will loose this war

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OutLaw5375d ago (Edited 5375d ago )

For one the price is more affordable. But I also believe that people who know nothing about the Blu Ray is accustom to the words HD and DVD. So when they go to the store and they hear HD-DVD they pretty much know what they're getting instead of hearing the word Blu Ray and saying, What the fvck is that.

specialguest5375d ago

you do have a point, but as of lately, i've been seeing and hearing a lot about Blu-ray on radio and television commercials. whether it be a "also on Blu-ray" movie or the player itself. i have not heard any HD-DVD advertising yet and i do watch tv a lot as well as listen to radio.

DC RID3R5375d ago

1 bit!!!!!!

SONY'S got the memory of a goldfish when it comes to format wars!!!!!


wotu p THAMMER1!!!!!!!

Sphinx5375d ago

...that could mean the PS3 fails. A lot of people don't mind paying $600 for a console, but if BluRay fails, and Sony becomes the only one using it, games are going to cost a lot for the PS3.

RealDoubleJ5375d ago

when the ps2 launched, the average household did not have a DVD player. Yes, the ps2 was brought mainly for gaming but every gamer who didn't have a DVD player brought their favourite movie to see what it looks like on their new console. That was the hook. I remember being wowed by the matrix DVD compared to my already ratty VHS copy. 3 weeks after showing this off to my father, guess what? He went out & brought his own stand-alone DVD player for the lounge.

Of course, DVD looked mightily impressive compared to VHS not just in picture quality but that golden meal ticket: 'the DVD bonus material'. This generation will be harder to crack but anyone who buys a PS3 will be curious as to how Blu-Ray will look on their brand new $600 console. Come November, there will be a rise in Blu-ray disc sales in comparison to HD-DVD discs. That's a guarantee. It's in the coming months afterwards if sales will dip as dramatically as the UMD format, steady off at a respectable number or start climbing the market as fast & crazy as DVD did 5-6 years ago.

There'll be a rise in HD-DVD sales when the 360 launches it's player but as it's an optional add-on, It won't be as readily adopted by it's consumer base compared to Sony's camp, for obvious reasons.

Marriot VP5375d ago

Yah but when DVD launched consumers didn't need a 800$ HDTV. And the PS2 was half the cost of a PS3.

Trust me it's incomparable.

RealDoubleJ5375d ago

HDTV's are necessary to get the most out of BOTH formats. Both formats can upscale the quality on original DVD's. Either there'll be a clear winner or both formats will go the way of Laserdisc. Regardless, the PS3's installed base WILL help sales in the short-run & give Sony a slight edge leading into the long-bitter feud that will probably be the highlight of next summer when most film studios will release their most popular films with as much content as they can cram.

TheMART5375d ago

The real winner will be the users that buy the media!

PS3 gamers won't buy that many movies. HD-DVD stand alone player buyers and BR stand alones buy movies.

HD-DVD is on that field in majority. HD-DVD is half the price of BR. HD-DVD has best quality reviews say

shoota335375d ago

hd dvd will loose just like xbox face the end of the year blu ray sale will be in the millions while hd dvd is at 30,000 LOL!!

TheMART5375d ago

The only thing selling 30.000 will be your great PSZero.

29.999 to strange Japanese people and one to a dumb as fanboy called Lametime

360 will have sold 10 million by the end of the year.

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