Sony: No PS2 backwards compatibility later as DLC for 40GB PS3

The 40GB PlayStation 3 models, devoid of any PS2-related semiconductors, will likely not have any options for backwards compatibility in the future. Speaking to Joystiq, SCEE Director of Corporate Communications Nick Sharples said that there are no plans to offer emulation software as downloadable content at a later date.

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Chris_GTR14487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

so this leaves owners of 40 gb ps3 with only 3 'good'(if you consider lower than 9.0 good) games to play...

you know what... ps3 actually dosent have any 9.0+ games.
check this out
MotorStorm - PS3 Avg Ratio: 83%
Heavenly Sword - PS3 Avg Ratio: 81%
Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3 Avg Ratio: 87%
Warhawk - PS3 Avg Ratio: 84%
Folklore - PS3 Avg Ratio: 75%

see nothing on ps3 even reaches 9.0

BioShock - X360 Avg Ratio: 95%
Halo 3 - X360 Avg Ratio: 94%
Gears of War - X360 Avg Ratio: 94%

all of these are from

kingboy4487d ago

Nothing sucks fanboy,u can`t always have it all at cheap prices
The ps2 is still selling strong therefore sony`s not ready to kill that market just yet by allowing backward compatibility with the cheaper 40 gigs ps3

Jandre024487d ago

Some Xbot fanboy please show me a list of what you consider "good games". Do you really have that many? Only ones worth anything in my book is Halo 3, BioShock, Oblivion, PGR, Gears.

RFOM,Warhawk, Oblivion(more content),Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword

Where are all these HUGE games at? I really cant think of anymore that are anything special. Im not being sarcastic, I really want to know.

Xi4487d ago

viva pinata
perfect dark
forza 2
gears of war
well for starters. All those games are better than the HS, Warhawk, lair, motorstorm, and resistance imo. I think most scored better too.

Chris_GTR14487d ago

well you said halo 3, gears,and bioshock...well those 3 games are all better than anygame on ps3 that you mentioned. check the scores. all 3 of those average at over 95% ratings..nothing on ps3 is even close. all those ps3 games are good games, not great games. so far the only great game i see coming to ps3 is noire promises to be good. im not shure if thats exclusive though.
360 has alot of good games like the ones u mentioned. dead rising,forza2,pdz,Lost Planet,dead or alive 4,crackdown,GRAW 1and 2,guitar hero2,eternal sonata,comand conquer 3...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4487d ago

notice how tow are FPS :) Just playing they are good games.

Chris_GTR14487d ago

lol. well also check out RFOM it got the highest score out of all ps3 games and its also fps. i think ps3 owners secretly want more fps games...
also... resistance has sold 2 million,motorstorm has sold 1 mil. no other games have passed a mil.
on 360.. 11 games have sold over a million.

Real gamer 4 life4487d ago

All them games you mention are all first person shooters. And if i am a person that doesn't like first person shooter, then what? why do i have a x box for because all their AAA games are first person shooters. They have been out almost 2 years in the market and the only AAA games that they have are first person shooter with the exception of one game which is forza motorsport, but then i still prefer grant tourism.

Rockstar4487d ago

*Clicks Ignore for yet another fanboy*

Much Better

Kaze884487d ago

So! how many over 9.0 games did x0 had on its first year, none! f*cking hilarious.

MikeGdaGod4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

MotorStorm - PS3 Avg Ratio: 83%
reviewers: great game, not enough tracks
solution: more tracks coming and already there through DLC

Heavenly Sword - PS3 Avg Ratio: 81%
reviewers: great game, too short
solution: none, but devs said DLC was possible in the future

Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3 Avg Ratio: 87%
reviewers: great game
solution: none, launch title

Warhawk - PS3 Avg Ratio: 84%
reviewers: great game, no single player
solution: more maps and modes coming through DLC

most of these games were so good, the reviewers actually docked them points because they wanted more. not because of bad graphics, or bad gameplay, just because they wanted more of what was already there.

Bioshock, Halo 3, Gears = shooter, shooter, shooter

Gears was fun but short as hell, but the other two are for the birds. i don't like FPS. 360 doesn't have the variety as the PS, PERIOD.

look at the games you listed for both systems, PS games are all good and 360 gams are all the same (run n gun).

F*CK reviews, Halo 3 looks the same as Halo 2. Gears looks 10x's better. did they dock Halo? no, they hyped the sh!t out of it because it was Halo. did they dock it for its short single player? no they praised it for the multi-player.

i never have been one to claim bias with the reviewers but after a while i have to wonder.

i remember how some the reviewers of Warhawk claimed it was slow paced and sometimes boring. all i kept thinking was, "How could the review a multiplayer only game when they're the only ones that have it? Who were they playing against?"

bias??? maybe, all i know is a review is one person's opinion, so add mine to the mix:

MotorStorm - 92%
Heavenly Sword - 95%
Resistance: Fall of Man - 90%
Warhawk - 98%
Folklore - haven't played it
Gears - 95%
Halo - haven't played it
Bioshock - haven't played it

i won't talk good or bad about games i haven't played like you. i'll just say they're not for me. how they score means nothing.

prime example: Oblivion - great game and score..........i HATED it, it's not for me. this is where sony will succeed, they have games for EVERYBODY.

Chris_GTR14487d ago

@ Kaze88
gears came out in the first year of the 360 being out.
ive yet to see any 9.0or higher game on the ps3... and its about to be a year since launch this november.

@ scottie2521
i didnt bash these games... all i did was post scores of an average of all major gaming sites.
yes your going to give ps3 games a high score because you own a ps3.
lol and to make things even worse RFOM was a launch game so all the ps3 launch hype got to it, thats the reason for the 87% all the other 3 games got under 85%
yes to each his own tastes.
i dont really know what ps3 has that 360 dosent...360 has JRPGs,NA RPGS,FPS,3rdPS.. oh, well i guess the only thing it dosent have is button mashers or family friendly games but good thing is were getting a new button mashing game on 360.DMC4 Yesss...well i wana continue with a non fanboy conversation..lets see waht you got lol.

MikeGdaGod4486d ago

ummmm..........NO I WON'T!!!

if that was the case i would have put games like Lair on that list. you just so happened to list games i own and love. i would like them no matter what system they're on.

like i've said a million times, i had a 360 with 40+ games for it. out of all those, i liked two (Gears and Dead Rising). thats why i said these reviews that you post mean absolutely nothing. games were rated good and i still didn't like them.

all the perfect 10's in the world wouldn't get me to like Halo. i never have. i was probably the only person in the world that bought a 360 without any desire to play a Halo game.

ps3 has plenty of games that can't be matched on 360.

there is no game like MGS
there is no game like God of War
there is no game like Final Fantasy
there is no game like Motorstorm
there is no game like Warhawk
there is no game like Ratchet & Clank
there is no game like Uncharted

MS had to break the bank just to get GTA released at the same time as the ps3 version.

don't kid yourself nothing compares to thee almighty PS3.........JUMP IN


Kaze884486d ago

Well i that case i might have looked the wrong release date to it or release date for my country. So x0 had one over 9.0 on its first year, so if ps3 wont get one over 9.0 game it sucks/flops? Your theory has no sense =P
I think that R&C: tools of destruction could be the one to break that and its coming on next month.

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lonestarmt4487d ago

yeah and sony said they had no plans for a cheaper ps3 either, lol.

Martini4487d ago

That should help them sell some more software (the sole reason for console is to sell software !!) as you will have to buy PS3 games instead of "playing your old ps2 games = no profit for sony".

DrWan4487d ago

who the hell in here doesn't already have a PS2, jeez, this topic is so overrated. I am not sure if i know alot of my friends that actually use the PS3 for PS2 and PS1 was mostly PS3 games and movies.

kurochi4487d ago

I do. I use my ps3 to play ps2 games that I haven't played before. Why should I have 2 consoles when 1 does the trick?

Close_Second4487d ago

I typically can't be bothered with playing last gen games on my new hardware. However, Sony has some killer titles on their PS2 that I would still want to play when I get my PS3, for example, Resident Evil 4 and God of War 2.

I was waiting for the 60GB PS3 to have a big price drop like their previous gen PS2 did after 12 months. They eventually obliterated the competition because of the slimline PS2 which, featured all the capability of its bigger counterpart minus the HDD bay. However, it did include infra-red which was a smart move.

Although I am now seriously considering getting the new PS3 SKU, I am still wondering what else Sony has cut in order to be able to drop the price as much as they have. For instance, backward compatibility was not available via hardware in the 60GB PS3 SKUs in NZ anyway but we're expecting the new SKU to be $400 NZD cheaper (60GB SKU is currently $1,199 NZD). For $400 NZD you could buy a brand new PS2 with bundled game(s) and still have around $50 change. Has the Blu-Ray diode really dropped that much as well???

If the new SKU is still the AAA quality hardware that the 60GB SKU seemed to be then I will get one. Although I have a 360 I can definitely see that sticking with DVD discs will hamper future games. Kind of reminds me of the Nintendo 64 (N64) which stuck with cartridge rather than following Sony and going with CD. The N64 was a more powerful unit than the PS1 but storage woes crippled it. Although the 360 is not crippled by opting for DVD you can certainly see it being an issue in the future.

Anyway, at least when I get my PS3 I'll be enjoying the best that console gaming has to offer by having both a PS3 and 360.

tethered4487d ago

@ kurochi
So buy the 60 GB (while its still available) or the 80 GB.
That takes care of the problem.

Fans of 360 have been talking about how great having choices is, well now PS3 fans have a choice.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4487d ago

It's PS3 time now, not PS2. Lets move on. PS3!! THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER NOW.