Console Giants Gear For Battle

This Christmas will be the first in which next-generation offerings from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all battle for the consumer wallet.

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MaximusPrime4029d ago

last xmas, kids persuaded their parents for PS3. of course only a few could afford it. This year, parents can now afford it. This will be an interesting console battle.

My prediction, Wii 1st, PS3 2nd (close to 1st) and xbox 360 very weak 3rd.

gEnKiE4028d ago

As much as I would love to see it. I don't see the 360 coming in 3rd. Im sure it will be what it is now with the Wii at #1, the 360 in 2nd, and the PS3 in 3rd. I believe that all the consoles will see a significant spike in sales this holiday though, especially with the price drop of the PS3. Unfortunately the PS3 will still come in 3rd i think.... :(

EZCheez4029d ago

Were an eye opener for Sony. The month when they dropped the price $100 and still couldn't outsell the 360 had to hit Sony hard.

Call it desperation to drop the price another $100. I call it a comeback.

LSDARBY4029d ago

I say, Wii 1st, 360 2nd, PS3 3rd but close 2nd.

DG4029d ago

Thats if Nintendo can actually stock the shelfs with their product. We all know it will sell but will it be there when you go to buy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.