GamesRadar: Yakuza 4 Review

So, yes, we are lucky to get Yakuza 4. Its nuanced and complex characters are offset nicely by the goofy and gory combat - here's your chance to chuck motorcycles, thwack criminals with oversized traffic cones, and body slam some jaws - and the city's ability to feel alive both day and night all add up to something more distinct and intriguing. Anyone can run down innocent bystanders, but Yakuza 4 gets more at the psychology of why.

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disturbing_flame4074d ago

I like this review. I like this game.

Maybe one the most underated gem of this generation console.

Achemki4074d ago

Rare to get such a smooth transition to three new protagonists. Any one of Kiryu's new horsemen could've carried it, but to have all four leads be as strong as they were in the end, yeah that's rare!