3 Reasons not to buy the 3DS at launch

O.G. writes "In a matter of days, the 3DS will be purchased by hundreds of thousands of gamers across the country looking to score some portable 3D action. With the release of a new system comes a big question, though: “Do I buy now or do I wait?” Normally, I’m a “MUST BUY AT LAUNCH!” kind of guy, but I’ve realized over the years that in some cases, waiting a bit can be the best course of action. For the 3DS, I’ll be waiting and here are my reasons why. This is not a knock against the system (I am buying one eventually), just some friendly advice."

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DolfZigglers2982d ago

Oh I'm definitely buying one at launch. First 8th gen system on day one baby!

armycore2982d ago

Nothing wrong with that. Nor nothing wrong with waiting.

coryok2982d ago

i agree with the weak game library, and thats the biggest reason, but another big reason for me is the cost of the 3ds. it only costs nintendo ~100$ for the materials to build the 3ds so i expect a price drop to happen in relatively little time.

by the time the price drops there will probably be a decent amount of good games also

TruthbeTold2981d ago

It may only cost $100 to purchase the materials, but there's the manufacturing cost, which includes the buildings they use, and the employees who manufacture that they pay. Not to mention the millions of dollars in research and development. No doubt there will be a price drop, but I don't think it will be for a while. It took them 3 years to drop the Wii price...

coryok2981d ago

i understand that 100$ isnt the full price lol, thats probably around 150$ (retail buys them for 170$ from nintendo). i think if more people are hesitant to buy it nintendo will drop the price around when sonys NGP releases, rather than years in the future.

i could be wrong about their price drop but i stand to loose nothing, i dont want any of the games so theres no reason for me to buy one yet, i might as well wait for either a price drop or games