Kratos Has Twice the Weapons in Mortal Kombat Compared to the Rest, 6 Weapons Confirmed

Ed Boon and the guys at NetherRealm Studios have given Kratos a lot of weapons to stand tall against the other fighters.

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ultimate-remag2982d ago

kratos bout 2 POOP on the entire MK community lol

Criminal2982d ago

He's a God, he'll do that with the Icarus Wings and Blades of Chaos.

Focker4202982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Blades of Chaos, Bow of Apollo, Sword of Olympus, Head of Helios, Golden Fleece, Hermes Boots, Nemian Cestes, and Icarus' Wings.

edit: @below
thanks I fixed it

Criminal2982d ago

Icares' Wings have been confirmed (PS.Blog).

-Alpha2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

He is only available in versus mode, right?

The extra weapons may be where the time went into, then.

Scorpion: "Get over Here!"
Kratos: "Here I am!"
Scorpion: "Stay over there!"

dragon_rocks2982d ago


Thanks man. You made my day with that comment.

Solid_Snake-2981d ago

no its just hes gonna need all them weapons to survive in the world of MK.

dont get it twisted.

DragonWarrior2982d ago

He's twice the bad ass as them too. I cannot wait to pick this game up. Thinkin bout trading in MvC3.

Criminal2982d ago

Don't trade in MvC3 unless you've tried MK's demo, just in case. I'm going to play it tomorrow (the demo), and I'm more of an MK guy than SF.

agentxk2982d ago

While MK did not really get me excited with the demo, Kratos looks like he may just redeem this game all by himself!

nevermore2982d ago

I actually loved it. MK vs DCUO was not that enjoyable since the combos were damn easy. MK9 could be the next SSFIV with fatalities.

SpaceSquirrel2982d ago

Kratos fits perfectly in MK

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The story is too old to be commented.