Minecraft on Console: can it work?

Minecraft broke the one million sales mark just weeks into the new year, and since then has sold hundreds of thousands of copies at an incredibly fast rate. With a mobile release of the game approaching, it’s time to start speculating about the possibility of a console release and what it would mean for the game.

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Tommykrem2980d ago

Agree with the article, Minecraft would work on console, but the network play would need to be revamped a bit, and perhaps structured a bit too. I suppose that's one of the reasons why it's still a beta. I'm sort of fine by setting up own servers and writing down IP adresses on PC, but on console I expect it to be understandable for everyone who can get their hands on the game.

Also, I think it would do very well with standard controllers. Move wouldn't make Minecraft a better experience, I think.

NukaCola2980d ago

Other than the level editing, what can you do in Minecraft? I would love it if you were able to do more than just walk around . Can you fight, solve puzzles, push blocks, etc?

SkyCrawler2980d ago

Nuka you should play the beta...

dead_eye2980d ago

I don't see why he goes on about it needing to have motion control. Don't think move would make it better or worse.

Why not just have mouse and keyboard support. Don't both PS3 AND Xbox360 have this.

I'd buy it on console cos my laptop is shit and can't even handle this game to well lol.

RedSoakedSponge2980d ago

dead eye, do you "see no future" in this? HAHA sorry, couldnt resist :P

warrior99882980d ago

yes would love it on PSN or xbla market place

Burning_Finger2980d ago

Only on the PS3 I guess. M$ won't allows mods.

tdrules2980d ago

all those PS3 games with mod support...

headwing452980d ago

Developers don't take advantage of it, but there still allowed. UT3 is the biggest (and probably only) example.

Persistantthug2980d ago

Definitely possible on the PS3 as long as developers are willing to support it.

I imagine that they are not for most games because why support a feature that makes your $15 map packs and $5 Street Fighter costumes sell less?

Lets hope Valve isn't as greedy as the others.

tdrules2980d ago


it's capable of it but never been utilised, after 5 years.
but sure, call it a feature ;)

Wardog13682980d ago

Notch has too small a development team to do this. And why would you need it on console anyway? Just about any PC can run it.

BK-2012980d ago

Its more of a relax on my couch with my big tv kind of thing. I wish there was a wireless HDMI kind of connection that supports 1080p so I could play using my PC but nope.

kevnb2980d ago

there is actually, its called widi. Look for it to catch on big in the next few years.

branchedout2980d ago

About anything can run it, but not too many can run it -well-
The game's poorly optimized in java. Setting graphics to high on most laptops brings it to a halt basically.

Even on my PC, it heats my GPU up as much as the most demanding PC games.

dead_eye2980d ago

My laptop can't handle it to well.

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The story is too old to be commented.